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A gestalt empire created from the union of the Skrull Empire with the Kree Imperium

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The Alliance was a union of the Kree Imperium and the Skrull Empire.[3]



The Kree Empire and the Skrull Empire had engaged in an eons-long war, but the people grew exhausted of this endless war. Kl'rt and Tanalth, leaders of the the Skrull Empire and the Kree Imperium respectively, decided to create peace between the two people.[3] Meanwhile, the Cotati had started attacking facilities of both of them, while assembling on Earth to destroy animal life. Bel-Dann and Raksor went to Earth and tried to convince Teddy Altman, the son of Kree warrior Mar-Vell and Skrull princess Anelle, to become emperor of both the Imperium and Skrulls which they felt was the only way to unite their people, in order to ensure their survival and of his planet. They also fended off an attack from the Children of Lost Tarnax, who thought of Teddy as an abomination and wanted to prevent him from becoming emperor.[2][4]

Teddy had grown tired of the constant troubles and struggles of Earth, while deciding to become the emperor of the alliance in order to save lives. His first act as the emperor was to create a ceasefire between the Kree Imperium and the Utopian Kree. A bunch of Kree zealots mounted an attack on the emperor, secretly orchestrated by Tanalth, but were beaten back with the help of Billy Kaplan. Tanalth however had gotten what she wanted by making Teddy officially renounce all his ties to Earth, stating it was putting everyone in danger.[2][3] Bel-Dann and Raksor were meanwhile killed by the Cotati. During his coronation, he took the name of Dorrek VIII and proclaimed an end to the Kree-Skrull war. Declaring the union of Kree and Skrull empires into one empire, he stated that they actually had only one enemy, pointing towards the planet Earth.[5][1]

Invasion of the Moon

The Alliance's first target were the Cotati, who were responsible for killing Bel-Dann and Raksor. Both the Kree and the Skrulls saw them as their mutual enemies[6] and decided to attack the Blue Area of the Moon, knowing it was a threat to the universe. The Avengers fought their fleet while the Fantastic Four fought Altman, Mur-G'nn and Tanalth inside the Alliance flagship, having been transported there earlier after being caught.[3]

After Iron Man disabled all of the Alliance ships, the Cotati revealed the truth. They had created a Death Blossom which amplified Quoi's control over all flora. He started killing all those on the ships and revealed that the Cotati planned to create their own empire over the whole universe.[3] Nearly everyone on the Alliance ships was killed except those on the flagship due to Captain Marvel working with Dorrek VIII and absorbing his Excelsior's power, severing the Cotati's link with plant life there due to the resulting burst of energy. Marvel, the Alliance and the Fantastic Four afterwards decided to ally in order to beat back the Cotati attack on Earth.[4]

The new Accuser Marvel searched the area for any surviving ships and found only one, which was without power and were being fired upon by a Cotati spaceship. The Universal Weapon of Ronan wielded by her proved to be too powerful, destroying the Cotati spaceship and killing everyone on board. Marvel also charged the Alliance ship so it could rejoin the flagship. Dorrek then sent her to Mar-Da'en, in order to bring to justice the soldier Lauri-Ell, who was accused of destroying the city of K'in-Al, created as an experiment for Kree and Skrulls to live together. Marvel however after finding her innocent helped her escape.[7]

War on Earth

The surviving Alliance soldiers attacked the Cotati on Earth, caring little for the harm that came those on the planet, making the Avengers and Agents of Wakanda ensure the safety of civilians. A division of Alliance soldiers won a battle in a Mexican village near Novojoa with the help of Wonder Man and Mockingbird, but started executing the Cotati captives. The two heroes along with Quicksilver tried to make them stop but were overpowered or made to surrender.[8]




  • Intergalactic Warp-Capable Starships
  • Mutations: The alliance has manufactured mutated creatures that can take over the mechanical sentries. It also has access to technology that allows it to increase the powers and abilities of its warriors.[6]


  • Kree Sentries: giant robotic sentries created to protect Kree interests on far off planets.[6]
  • Warp-capable warships[6]

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