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A gestalt empire created from the union of the Skrull Empire with the Kree Imperium

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Quote1.png My people! You are Kree and you are Skrull! Orphans of Skrullos! Orphans of Hala! Your war has run hot and cold for a thousand years! Since the dawn of civilization as we know it! Your conflict created the Star-Sword I hold! Your conflict created me! I am the living embodiment of your war! And today -- I call an end to it! By prophecy and destiny -- by my decree and your acclaim -- the twin empires are one! We are one people -- our people! I am Dorrek VIII, the once and future King of Space! I am your emperor -- and I say we are no longer Kree or Skrull! We are the Alliance -- and in all the galaxy, we have only one enemy -- this enemy! Make ready the fleet! Join our forces as one! We journey to the Sol System! The final war begins now! Quote2.png
-- Dorrek VIII


The Alliance was the union of the Kree Imperium and the Skrull Empire.[3]



The Kree Empire and the Skrull Empire had engaged in an eons-long war, but the people grew exhausted of this endless war.[3] Some believed that a half-Kree half-Skrull emperor would one day unite them all. The Skrull princess Anelle who had fallen in love with the imprisoned Kree warrior Mar-Vell, sired a mixed-species child. Emperor Dorrek VII ordered the child to be killed, but Anelle had her nursemaid flee with him towards Earth. When Galactus came to destroy the Skrull throneworld Tarnax IV, Anelle told empress R'Klll that her child with Mar-Vell had survived. She was elated upon learning this, believing that there was still a hope for the Skrull Empire and the child could unite it with the Kree.[4]

R'Klll teleported away to safety and left Anelle for dead. A short time later, she used Power Skrull technology to disguise herself as the Kree warrior Tanalth, who had been captured by Skrulls long ago and had died in their dungeons. She also used a surgery based on the Shi'ar Image Inducers to ensure she wasn't caught by a scan, and killed everyone who knew about the treatment. She went to the Kree thoneworld of Hala and claimed to have heroically fought the Skrulls to escape. The Kree were unable to discover her truth and when she passed on secrets of the Skrull Empire that helped the Kree, they promoted her to the rank of a Pursuer. With the fracturing of Kree Empire into the Kree Imperium and the Utopian Kree led by the Supreme Intelligence, R'Klll in time took over the Imperium and waited for an enemy as well as her grandson she wanted to use as a figurehead.[4]

Kl'rt and Tanalth, leaders of the the Skrull Empire and the Kree Imperium respectively, decided to create peace between the two people.[3] Meanwhile, the Cotati had started attacking facilities of both of them, while assembling on Earth to destroy animal life. Bel-Dann and Raksor went to Earth and tried to convince Teddy Altman, the child of Anelle and Mar-Vell, to become emperor of both the Imperium and Skrulls which they felt was the only way to unite their people, in order to ensure their survival and of his planet. They also fended off an attack from the Children of Lost Tarnax, who thought of Teddy as an abomination and wanted to prevent him from becoming emperor.[2][5]

Teddy had grown tired of the constant troubles and struggles of Earth, while deciding to become the emperor of the alliance in order to save lives. His first act as the emperor was to create a ceasefire between the Kree Imperium and the Utopian Kree. A bunch of Kree zealots mounted an attack on the emperor, secretly orchestrated by Tanalth, but were beaten back with the help of Billy Kaplan. Tanalth however had gotten what she wanted by making Teddy officially renounce all his ties to Earth, stating it was putting everyone in danger.[2][3] Bel-Dann and Raksor were meanwhile killed by the Cotati. During his coronation, he took the name of Dorrek VIII and proclaimed an end to the Kree-Skrull war. Declaring the union of Kree and Skrull empires into one empire, he stated that they actually had only one enemy, pointing towards the planet Earth.[6][1]

Invasion of the Moon

The Alliance's first target were the Cotati, who were responsible for killing Bel-Dann and Raksor. Both the Kree and the Skrulls saw them as their mutual enemies[7] and decided to attack the Blue Area of the Moon, knowing it was a threat to the universe. The Avengers fought their fleet while the Fantastic Four fought Altman, Mur-G'nn and Tanalth inside the Alliance flagship, having been transported there earlier after being caught.[3]

After Iron Man disabled all of the Alliance ships, the Cotati revealed the truth. They had created a Death Blossom which amplified Quoi's control over all flora. He started killing all those on the ships and revealed that the Cotati planned to create their own empire over the whole universe.[3] Nearly everyone on the Alliance ships was killed except those on the flagship due to Captain Marvel working with Dorrek VIII and absorbing his Excelsior's power, severing the Cotati's link with plant life there due to the resulting burst of energy. Marvel, the Alliance and the Fantastic Four afterwards decided to ally in order to beat back the Cotati attack on Earth.[5]

The new Accuser Marvel searched the area for any surviving ships and found only one, which was without power and were being fired upon by a Cotati spaceship. The Universal Weapon of Ronan wielded by her proved to be too powerful, destroying the Cotati spaceship and killing everyone on board. Marvel also charged the Alliance ship so it could rejoin the flagship. Dorrek then sent her to Mar-Da'en, in order to bring to justice the soldier Lauri-Ell, who was accused of destroying the city of K'in-Al, created as an experiment for Kree and Skrulls to live together. Marvel however after finding her innocent helped her escape.[8]

War on Earth

The surviving Alliance soldiers attacked the Cotati on Earth, caring little for the harm that came those on the planet, making the Avengers and Agents of Wakanda ensure the safety of civilians. A division of Alliance soldiers won a battle in a Mexican village near Novojoa with the help of Wonder Man and Mockingbird, but started executing the Cotati captives. The two heroes along with Quicksilver tried to make them stop but were overpowered or made to surrender.[9] Dorrek issued rules of engagement to the Alliance soldiers to follow, but they were mostly ignored.[10]

Meanwhile, Dorrek's advisers suggested to him about stabbing Marvel with the Excelsior again to destroy their weapons on the Blue Area of the Moon, but he thought it unwise to risk her life and instead gave the sword to Black Panther when he asked to use it. His advisors were most displeased and Captain Glory had discovered that the Tanalth with them was actually a Skrull. As he went to confront her, he discovered that it was the presumably deceased empress R'Klll and decided to go along with her plans to influence her grandson, believing that living on Earth had made him soft.[10]

After learning from Captain Marvel about Lauri-Ell being innocent, Dorrek told her he'll buy her time. She came to suspect Wastrel after seeing him freely walking around in a lab suit during his supposed community service and returned to East Village, helping Lauri-Ell defeat a Cotati invasion. She later had the Universal weapon split up by Doctor Strange to prevent getting under its pssible influence, giving the parts to Hazmat, War Machine, and Spider-Woman.[11] Dorrek was shocked after learning it, but helped her learn that Wastrel had escaped and told her to put the Universal Weapon back after she's done. Marvel and her fellow heroes after defeating Wastrel's robots, found he was guilty, and took him to be imprisoned again.[12]

Captain Marvel arrived back on Earth along with her allies after getting a call by Lauri-Ell, who had discovered that the Cotati were keeping the abducted humans in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. They struggled to beat the Cotati back and except Marvel, everyone holding the piece of the Universal Weapon were disoriented. Lauri-Ell picked the hammer up when it fell and it transformed her into a true Accuser, which she used to turn the tide against the Cotati. After emptying the building of civilians, they destroyed the Cotati nest.[13]

Meanwhile, the Kree and Skrull soldiers in Novojoa got into a fight after one of the Skrulls stated that the Alliance was only temporary.[14] Such bickering occured in other places too. The Empress R'Klll, who had started impersonating Teddy, later arrived and gave permission to deploy the Pyre in order to destroy Earth's solar system if the Cotati victory was inevitable. A surprised Captain Marvel and Human Torch tried stopping him, fighting both Captain Glory and R'Klt, before being banished by Mur-G'nn to Teddy's home. There, Wiccan confirmed the Dorrek they faced wasn't the real one.[15]

The Alliance soldiers in Los Angeles mounted a ruthless attack on the Cotati fighting the United States Army, causing great loss of life amongst the humans as well. Captain America berated them, but they restrained themselves from attacking him since they knew who he was and their real enemy were the Cotati, whose powerful mage Shi Qaanth had created a monster of plant and soil called "Man of Earth" in order to attack Mexico City. The two groups allied and while resting, discovered Shi Qaanth had infected one of the American soldiers in order to infect everyone else. After dealing with the infected soldiers, they headed together to Brussels to stop General Woodley from killing the NATO representatives, arriving just in time as he had transformed to a plant-like monster controlled by Shi Qaanth. After killing him, NATO and the Alliance joined forces to stop Shi Qaanth's attack on Mexico City, which was meant to create a seismic event that would wipe all life on Earth.[16]

Wiccan meanwhile freed the imprisoned Teddy (who had an inhibitor mask clasped on by R'Klll to nullify his powers) and arrived at his ship along with Captain Marvel and Human Torch to expose the fake emperor. They believed the one behind the conspiracy was Tanalth and publicly accused her, before learning that the Pyre had already been armed in order to destroy the solar system. The disguised R'Klll along with her loyal subjects attacked the Earth heroes, demanding that it be judged whether she was guilty in a trial by combat.[17] Near Novojoa, while the Kree and Skrull soldiers started fighting amongst themselves, Quicksilver recovered from his wounds and knocked out all of them, before throwing their weapons into the sea.[18]

In Mexico City, the NATO and Alliance forces arrived to battle the Cotati invasion. The Alliance commanders however told Captain America that most of their forces until the Man of Earth was destroyed, this was a ruse so they could level the city to destroy the Cotati. The Alliance ships fired together at the Man of Earth and succeeded in damaging it, but it in retaliation smashed the Alliance flagship on to the ground, ripping open the fault line. Captain America after discovering where Shi Qaanth was, used an Alliance glider to get to him and destroyed his scepter. This resulted in the Man of Earth being destroyed. Meanwhile, the Alliance soldiers destroyed the cars around the location to start fires as ordered by Captain America, resulting in most of the Cotati being teleported away and Mexico City being saved.[19]

In New York City, the Fantastic Four replacements on Earth - Brainstorm, Powerhouse, Spider-Man and Wolverine; arrived to assist the Alliance and learnt from them where the Dark Harvest went. The Dark Harvest had built the Omni-Wave Projector by probing the mind of the Kree child Jo-Venn, whom they had abducted earlier, and used it to broadcast the memories of the Kree-Skrull war he was imbibed with. The Skrull child N'Kalla, who was filled with the memories of the war like him, was captured while trying to free him. As the memories of both about the war were broadcast, it caused the Alliance soldiers to fight amongst themselves. Wolverine however was able to pick up her scent, allowing the Fantastic Four replacements to come to the children's rescue. Brainstorm and Powerhouse told the two to focus on how they were forced to fight each other earlier, but were the only ones who had something in common with each other, and had freed themselves from slavery by banding together.[20]

While being affected by the hatred of the Omni-Wave Projector, Captain Glory had revealed that the Dorrek ordering them was fake. The Alliance forces were too disoriented to realize it, with only Captain Marvel, Human Torch and Wiccan hearing it properly. The rest started fighting each other, except those who were of a mixed race descent. They however soon calmed down after Brainstorm and Powerhouse made Jo-Venn and N'Kalla remember their importance to each other and told them to fight as family. The Alliance soldiers then started fighting the Cotati in greater unison and Glory out of guilt, exposed R'Klll as the fake Dorrek to everyone. The real Teddy ordered Mur'Gnn, Kl'rt and Glory to go assist Marvel, Human Torch and Wiccan in stopping the Pyre, which they succeded in. He himself dealt with R'Klll and clasped his inhibitor mask on her to nullify his powers. The combined Earth-Alliance forces soon attacked the Cotati in Wakanda and made them surrender after destroying their Death Blossom.[21]

After the Cotati war

With the threat of the Empyre over, the Alliance was finally at peace. R'Klll was imprisoned for trying to overthrow her grandson and Lauri-Ell was made the new chief Accuser in place of Captain Marvel. Wiccan was made the prince consort and court wizard after his marriage to Teddy. Later, as Kl'rt suggested leaving their wrecked ships as a peace offering to Earth, Teddy punished him for killing his foster mother and all the lives he had taken in the Kral System. He removed him from any role that would allow him to see combat and assigned him to a diplomatic post. Captain Glory was given the same punishment, but refused, stating he was made for war and would rather serve a life sentence, since Teddy would need him again.[4]

The Cotati were handed over by the Alliance to Thor, who transported them to an uncharted planet under the watch of Powerhouse and Susan Storm. The Profiteer, whom the Fantastic Four had taken Jo-Venn and N'Kalla from, agreed to examine the Cotati weapon which were much more advanced than that of the Alliance, after a request by Reed. She failed to discover who made it, but realized it was more ancient than the Elders of the Universe themselves. Since she had been the arms dealer of the Kree and Skrull empires, she demanded the power sources of the Cotati weapons and the children the Fantastic Four had taken, showing them the contract the two empires gave her for their custody. Teddy however reminded her that the two empires didn't exist anymore and thus she would get no help, tearing the contract up and stating that they wouldn't trade with her anymore.[22]

When some planets of the Alliance's zone ceased communication, Talos was sent along with a group to investigate. To their horror, they found that these planets and its Kree and Skrull habitants had been consumed by symbiotes before being attacked by Knull and his dragons. With most of the group having perished to the monsters, Talos planned to distract them while Tarna escaped and warned the empire. However, while Talos was able to escape from Knull, Tarna's fate was unknown and Talos' escape pod - broadcasting a signal warning ships to stay away - was rescued. He told General Kalamari, who had been sent to rescue his group, about what he had seen and stated it was too late, showing him the symbiotes under Knull's command arriving at their location.[23]

Kl'rt was sent alongside Captain Val-Lorr to Proscenium, in order to negotiate the universe's new status quo with the Galactic Council. Upon being questioned by the Utopian Kree representative Marvel Boy on the deployment of the Pyre in Earth's solar system, Kl'rt stated that it was not what the emperor ordered and the Alliance would remain humanity's ally until Teddy was on the throne, hoping he never loses it. Val-Lorr threatened the Utopian Kree with destruction if that happened. Upon hearing this, the council voted to keep the existing treaties in force and having the Alliance dismantle all banned weaponry, while allowing independent inspections. In the restroom, Marvel Boy found Emperor Stote dying and was confronted by Val-Lorr, who suspected him of being the murderer. As he tried to shoot him, his gun backfired and killed him instead. Kl'rt suspected Marvel Boy too and told the council of his crime, before trying to kill him. Nova Prime Richard Rider reminded that he had jurisdiction in such cases, but Kl'rt demanded an impartial law official. Rider then called Ranger Rocket to investigate.[24]

Rocket proved that Val-Lorr's gun was rigged. He then had the psychics there scan everyone's mind. Peacebringer was soon revealed to be sent there to blow up everyone by the Chitauri Empire, but they found he didn't murder Stote. As the Guardians of the Galaxy tried stopping him, Rocket revealed that "Lani Ko Ako" claiming to represent the Badoon Sisterhood, who would never send someone on their behalf, was Profiteer in disguise trying to start the Snarkwar between Stote's sons and also had Val-Lorr killed to cover her tracks. The Galactic Rim Collective's representative Zoralis Gupa soon informed them about worlds across empires being purged of life and the "credit" currency becoming worthless. Profiteer decided to save the representatives, so their empires can rebuild themselves and buy from her, teleporting away with Peacebringer before his Bio-Bomb could detonate. Gupa then told them he wasn't lying and they knew who was responsible: Knull.[25]



  • Kree Militia Uniforms[7]
  • Mutations: The alliance has manufactured mutated creatures that can take over the mechanical sentries. It also has access to technology that allows it to increase the powers and abilities of its warriors.[7]
  • Inhibitor Masks: Masks of Skrull technology that can block a Skrull's power to shapeshift.[21]


  • Gliders[19]
  • Hovering tanks: Mounted with cannons capable of firing energy blasts.[16]
  • Intergalactic Warp-Capable Starships



  • Since the Kree Imperium merged with the Skrull Empire, it is left unknown what happened to the Vox.


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