The royal guard of the Kree/Skrull Alliance originally consisted of Super-Skrull, Captain Glory, Mur-G'nn and Empress R'Klll under the identity of Tanalth the Pursuer. They were assembled to serve the Alliance's figurehead, Emperor Hulkling.[1]

During the Alliance's war against the Cotati on Earth, Empress R'Klll staged a coup with Captain Glory's help, during which she captured and impersonated Hulkling.[2] Following the defeat of the Cotati and the thwarting of R'Klll's coup, Hulkling demoted Super-Skrull to diplomatic service in revenge for his murder of Mary-Jo Altman. Hulkling attempted to punish Glory with diplomatic posting as well, but Glory refused, instead agreeing to a life sentence in a penal stockade.[3]

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