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Official Name
Alliance of Evil
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Identity and Affiliations
Base of Operations
Mobile; formerly a remote mansion near San Diego, California
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The Alliance of Evil was a group of mutants banded together by the mutant villain Apocalypse. Under his guidance, they committed several acts of mutant terrorism. Early antics by the individual Alliance members brought them to the attention of the original hero team known as X-Factor.[1]

Initially, the team stuck together due to the mutant Michael Nowlan, whose powers amplified those belonging to others with addictive effects. After Nowlan's death, the Alliance was defeated and presumably imprisoned.[2] Abandoned by Apocalypse, the members continued to operate on their own. They openly opposed the Mutant Registration Act in the streets of New York.[3]

Tower, Frenzy, and Stinger briefly reunited while teaming up with Harness and her son, Piecemeal, to gather the energies of the deceased Proteus for the scientific organization, AIM, but they were all defeated by X-Force.[4][5]

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  • Danny Wall's Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe


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