Max Dillon fell in love with a young woman named Marilyn, who never married him because of his criminal history as Electro, but did have a child with him. Their daughter Allison inherited her father's electrical abilities, and due to slight differences in the polarities of Max and Allison's electrical fields, the slightest physical contact with each other would burn them. Marilyn ordered him to stay away from Allison because of this.[2]

Max returned to his criminal ways as Electro and was sent to prison, and Marilyn died of cancer. Young Allison was placed in foster care, where she was bounced from one home to another. In her teens, Allison designed a costume very similar to her father's Electro costume. Furthermore, she decided to use her powers to be a criminal like her father. She tried to rob a jewelry store at a mall, but was stopped by Spider-Girl.[3]

Later, using the codename "Aftershock", Allison attempted to rob some armored cars, but again she was stopped by Spider-Girl. Electro found out about his daughter's criminal ways and contacted Spider-Girl's father, Spider-Man, so that the three could confront Aftershock. Electro convinced his daughter to return with him, and that they would find a way to overcome their inability to touch. She agreed and left with him.[2] She has not returned to her criminal ways since.


Generate and manipulate electrical energy

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