Quote1 But no man can resist Allura, the Enrapturess! Quote2
-- Allura src

Allura was a villain and an enemy of the Vizzion and the Scarlet Wench. She asociated with other villains, including Brutal-cuss, Evil Magneat-o, Master Slime, Thornn and the Toad to crash the Vizzion and Witch's homewarming party - but the villain team was defeated and the other party attendees even enjoyed the show given by their hosts. Allura tried to seduce the Vizzion, but she failed and the Scarlet Wench hit her on the head with an implement.[1]


She claims to have a seduction power that no man can resist.


The Scarlet Wench theorized that the Vizzion, being an android and not a man, should be immune to Allura's power.


Ocassional top hat

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