Alma is a curious elderly widow living in Belle Porte, Connecticut, who was known to snoop on her neighbors.[1] She has an avid interest in the occult, despite her late husband's dismissive attitude toward the subject, and considered sorcerer Elspeth Cromwell a friend.[2]

In the hope of giving their son Franklin Richards a normal life, the Invisible Girl (Susan Storm) and Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) moved to a house in Alma's neighborhood.[3] During their stay, Reed and Susan adopted secret identities: Susan wore a red haired wig, Reed used his powers to alter his appearance, and the family assumed the last name Benjamin (Franklin's middle name). Unaware of their identity as super-heroes, Alma suspected the Richards were witches. This suspicion was reinforced when she observed, through the Richards' kitchen window, Jennifer Walters transforming into She-Hulk and lifting a refrigerator to help Susan retrieve an earring.[4] This prompted Alma to contact Elspeth Cromwell to "destroy" the Richards.[5] After responding to Alma's call, Cromwell confronted the Richards, opened a portal to Hades and inadvertently summoned Mephisto. As a result, nearby houses were set on fire, the Richards' home was destroyed, and Cromwell was killed. Eventually, Doctor Strange arrived to explain the situation to local authorities and helped bring back the Richards. After the ordeal, Alma asked Dr. Strange to bring Cromwell back, but Strange said he could not and suggested Alma's prying was to blame for her death.[6]



  • Hand-held Periscope: Alma used a hand-held periscope to spy on Susan Storm and Jennifer Walters.
  • Binoculars: Neighbor Alice Winchell has alleged Alma sweeps the neighborhood with her binoculars.[1] This is later confirmed when Alma is seen using these binoculars to spy on the Richards house warming party.[5]

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