Dr. Aloysius Samberly was a scientist working for the SSR in the late 1940's. He took the job at the SSR out of eleven different job offers after World War II because Daniel Sousa, the chief of the organization's West Coast branch, promised him his talents would be put to good use in the field.[2] However, Dr. Samberly was put in charge of the West Coast branch's lab, and he grew resentful of Chief Sousa and the agents under him for apparently looking down on him.[3]

Dr. Samberly finally got his chance to work in the field when Chief Sousa and Agent Peggy Carter wanted to defuse an atomic bomb belonging to the Roxxon Corporation before it could fall into the hands of Whitney Frost. Samberly used his gadgets to help sneak Agent Carter and her team into Roxxon's heavily-guarded storage facility, and used his technical know-how to deactivate Roxxon's defenses.[2]


Most other SSR agents found Dr. Samberly annoying and preferred to avoid him if they could. Perhaps due to an abusive upbringing,[2] Samberly suffered from low-self esteem and appeared to have an inferiority complex. He was also easily manipulated by women who he found attractive, such as Rose Roberts.


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