Aloyius Vault was an evil mad scientist who was suffering from a severe neurological disorder. Desperate to alleviate these symptoms, he secretly coveted the strength and power of It the Living Colossus. However, what Vault actually succeeded in controlling was something far more powerful - the alien dragon known as Fin Fang Foom. Still hungry for the power of the Living Colossus, Doctor Vault endeared himself to one of IT's hosts, the crippled Bob O'Bryan.

He offered to help O'Bryan recover the use of his legs (lost when an actor arranged an accident) and to store IT in his secret laboratory. After months of therapy, O'Bryan could walk again. He married his lover Diane Cummings and put his time as the Living Colossus behind him.

Years later, Vault put another evil plan into motion. His new creation inadvertently demolished part of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. When O'Bryan learned of the attack, he realized that only IT could counter the threat in time. Vault, seeing IT in action, seized this long-sought opportunity. He used a psionic booster to transfer his own consciousness into IT and drive O'Bryan's back to his own body.

Drunk with his newfound power, Vault sought out the mightiest being he could find as a test. He came across the Hulk, whose limitless rage and strength quickly reduced the Living Colossus to bits. Vault's consciousness returned to his body. Already suffering from a rare neurological disease, he could not stand the shock and died almost immediately.[1]

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