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Synopsis for "Big Time!"

After a long battle, Alpha is able to put out the fire in his house, thinking to himself that he will get his revenge on the person who did this. He is able to revive his unconscious mother and finally come into her full love. She tells Alpha that she does not know who caused the fire, but she did hear someone say "Boss Cohen says hello". Alpha states that he will get back at Boss Cohen. His mother tries to stop him, thinking he is going to kill him, but Andy promises to just knock him out once he takes down Zeta.

Back in New York, Spider-Man prepares for his next brutal beating against Constrictor despite the fact that he calmly claims innocence. Before Spider-Man can lay a finger on him, however, Alpha suddenly scoops him up and takes him to Pittsburgh in order to get him to help him fight Zeta. Surprised and angry, Spider-Man gets ready to chew him out, but then Alpha shows him Zeta, which has absorbed so many people with its cancerous properties that it is now the shape of a lizard and is larger than most buildings. Zeta goes for Alpha out of revenge for turning him into the monster, while his "Amazing friend" (which Otto corrects as Superior) investigates the substance (and gets floored). Spider-Man eventually figures it out, and tells Alpha how to defeat the beast AND save the people it has absorbed (though Otto wishes they could just die): Alpha has to use his powers to radiate all the corrupt cells, but only those. Alpha does so, and Zeta is destroyed. Investigating, Spider-Man sees that all the absorbed people have returned to their normal state, as has the person Zeta was before, who has gotten away. With the deed done, Alpha goes to visit his mother in the hospital, while Spider-Man decides not to take Andy's powers, as he might end up like Zeta.

At the hospital, Alice tells Andy not to go after Boss Cohen and to be a much more peaceful superhero. Andy then goes to meet Soupcan outside a closed cinema, and they confess their feelings for each other. Before they can do anything more than plan a date, however, a thug shoots a bullet directly at Soupcan's head. Andy dematerializes the bullet just in time, and then badly punches the thug, correctly guessing the thug is working for Boss Cohen, while Soupcan almost goes into shock, thus tearing their relationship apart for good. After this, Alpha goes for Boss Cohen, who happens to be Pittsburgh's kingpin of crime. Cohen tells him not to fight HIS crime and instead fight other crime and other superhero-solved problems, or else he will reveal that Alpha created Zeta as well as target Alpha's loved ones. Reluctantly, Alpha accepts.

The next day, Andy asks his only non-superhuman friend, Kilgore, to be his superhero confidant, and he gladly accepts. Kilgore notices Soupcan, who is sitting far away from them to avoid Andy. Kilgore asks what's wrong with her, and Andy complains that he is a bad superhero. Kilgore refuses to accept this, telling him that he saved all the people around Pittsburgh recently, and that he is "big time". This rekindles Andy's spirit, and he goes flying into space, wondering what Thor is doing.

Solicit Synopsis

The greatest superhero story ever told comes to a startling conclusion! Alpha and the Superior Spider-Man team up to fight ZETA! The Marvel Universe ends HERE*! * Marvel Universe may not actually end.

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