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Alpha is a member of Warzone, a group of cyborgs created by the Pantheon. After finding a mysterious amulet that increased the wearer's physical characteristics, the team decided that each year they would clash with each other and the winner would wear the amulet for a year. During one of these clashes, they found themselves in Las Vegas just as Peter Parker was there for his photo book promotion tour and got involved in the clash, plus Marlo Chandler also got involved in the clash and was injured, thus bringing in Mr. Fixit, aka Hulk during the time he was a Las Vegas bodyguard, her then boyfriend.[1]

The intervention of Spider-Man and the Hulk influenced the clash between the cyborgs that ended in Bravo's victory, while the other three cyborgs were injured with Alpha losing both arms ripped from him by an enraged Hulk.[2]

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