The Alpha Centaurians were aliens from a planet where life had evolved on land before it migrated seawards. When their planet began losing its water due to vapor dissipating into space, they built a fleet of ships to steal water from other planets. They came to Earth to find water as well, but when they saw the amphibian Sub-Mariner, they made a deal with treacherous high priest Kormok, hoping to evolve themselves into amphibious creatures as well. They were defeated by Namor and Triton.[1]

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Their planet, Arima, was completely submersed in water. When Galactus came to feed upon it, the Keeper (the Silver Surfer) transported them to Centauri IV, home of a blue skinned, primitive culture.

After the Guardians of the Galaxy travelled back in time, they changed the future. The Badoon attacked much earlier than they originally did and made the Alphans extinct.


Habitat: 95% surface covered by water, the entire race lives underwater
Gravity: 210% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 188% Earth density
Population: 75 million


Type of Government: Feudal, organized into small, interdependent kingdoms
Level of Technology: Alpha Centaurians have built interstellar ships of intermediate capacity, able to attain near light speed
Representatives: Dynorr ("The Stalker"), Yennon (scientist)


  • The Alpha Centauri trinary star system boasts other worlds with intelligent life.
    • Among those, the Centaurians, who are often named Alpha Centaurians.[2]

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