The Alpha Centaurians were aliens from a planet where life had evolved on land before it migrated seawards. When their planet began losing its water due to vapor dissipating into space, they built a fleet of ships to steal water from other planets. They came to Earth to find water as well, but when they saw the amphibian Sub-Mariner, they made a deal with treacherous high priest Kormok, hoping to evolve themselves into amphibious creatures as well. They were defeated by Namor and Triton.[1]

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Their planet, Arima, was completely submersed in water. When Galactus came to feed upon it, the Keeper (the Silver Surfer) transported them to Centauri IV, home of a blue skinned, primitive culture.[2]

After the Guardians of the Galaxy travelled back in time to the late 20th century of Earth-616, their actions on the planet Moord[3] somehow changed the timeline of Earth-691 so that the Badoon attacked much earlier than they originally had and made the Alphans extinct.[4] After discovering what had happened, the joined Starhawks travelled back in time and negated what the Guardians had done, restoring the timeline to how it had been.[5]


Habitat: 95% surface covered by water, the entire race lives underwater
Gravity: 210% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 188% Earth density
Population: 75 million


Type of Government: Feudal, organized into small, interdependent kingdoms
Level of Technology: Alpha Centaurians have built interstellar ships of intermediate capacity, able to attain near light speed
Representatives: Dynorr ("The Stalker"), Yennon (scientist)


  • The Alpha Centauri trinary star system boasts two other worlds with intelligent life.

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