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Alpha Flight is a multinational and interplanetary[3] security and diplomacy agency enabled and governed by powerful Earth nations and extrasolar polities.[4] It was launched with the goal of proactively defending Earth and cooperating with alien societies that have shared security interests. Alpha Flight operates under a commander accountable to a Board of Governors consisting of ambassadors from notable Earth nations and alien societies.[4][5]


Stationed on a low-orbit space station in geosynchronous orbit above the Triskelion, the Alpha Flight Interstellar Defense and Diplomacy Initiative is Earth's first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats.[6]

Civil War II[]

In the midst of a conflict among the superhero community concerning an Inhuman named Ulysses and his poorly understood precognitive ability, Carol Danvers—as standing commander of Alpha Flight—urged the Board of Governors to make use of his abilities. Despite Danvers’ reluctance to make intel on Ulysses Known to the board; Despite her closeness to the conflict mounting over Ulysses; and, Despite the controversy of the decision, the Board of Governors ultimately agreed to expand the mandate of the organization, towards developing a defense force based around Ulysses’ predictive abilities, with Carol Danvers leading the operation.[3]

As part of this Alpha Flight initiative, Carol and her team actively worked alongside the Inhumans, seeking to better train Ulysses in his predictions, and to better understand how his predictions work. The initiative brought in “Lawyers, Diplomats, Physicists, Ethicists… a whole staff to make sure what we do gets done right”.[7] Ulysses was fed international news reports to ensure his predictions had international relevance. Alpha Flight was even in talks with nations interested in providing him with their intelligence reports. Alpha Flight made use of Satellites and other intelligence technology to cross reference Ulysses’ predictions with observable facts and existing records.[7]

Under this regime, Alpha Flight claimed the power to monitor suspects, capture and temporarily detain them, and hand them over to appropriate government authorities, but they did not claim jurisdiction over any legal proceedings following a capture.[7][8] This initiative continued until the Inhuman named Ulysses disappeared, ending the second superhuman civil war.

Secret Empire[]

In the dawn of Hydra's take-over of the United States, a Planetary Defense Shield was projected around the Earth to seal off the planet, leaving the Alpha Flight Space Station stuck between the impenetrable barrier and a relentless ongoing Chitauri invasion. In a last ditch effort to bring down the Shield, the A.F.S.S. was repurposed into the delivery system for countless explosive charges that were detonated on the surface of the Shield. The station was destroyed, but the Shield remained unscathed.[9]

Following the eventual destruction of the Shield and the end of Hydra's regime,[10] the staff of Alpha Flight found themselves grounded. Columbia University became the temporary home of Alpha Flight until the program could be reinstated.[11]

Change in Leadership[]

When Carol's lineage as a Kree became public, Carol decided it was best to step down as Commander of Alpha Flight and asked Brand to take over, which she reluctantly accepted.[12] Brand quickly became disgruntled with the handling of the program, namely by the reduced funding and secrecy of the governments behind it. After she quit, Henry Gyrich was appointed acting commander.[13]



Alpha Flight Squadron Jets, Mark 1 Astro Carriers


  • During her time as Commander, Carol leased away the rights to be portrayed in a film/TV production called Cap’n Marvel to help fund Alpha Flight.[5]

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