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The Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station was the headquarters of the space program of the same name,[2] located 250 kilometers above the Earth's surface, and constantly aligned with the Triskelion in New York City. Captain Marvel was the station Commander, and Abigail Brand was her second-in-command. [1]

It was destroyed after being evacuated and laden with Rocket Raccoon's Nullifier Bombs, then intentionally knocked out of orbit in a failed attempt to breach the Planetary Defense Shield,[3] but later rebuilt.[4]

Alternate reality versions


Zeta Flight Space Station

In this reality "Z.V.S.S." or Zeta Flight Space Station is the base of Zeta Flight, a group of space pirates led by Corporal Carol Danvers.[5]

Points of Interest

The entire station is composed of interlocking and interchangeable modules which can be detached to be replaced. Some include:

  • Aerolith - A device which beams cargo and crew to and from the station to the Triskelion situated in the Upper New York Bay on Earth below.[1]
  • Alpha Flight Module - This section housed a mustering deck and hangar for the Alpha Flight Squadron Jets.[1] It became overrun by the invasive Satori ship docked nearby and was jettisoned in an effort to send it into the Sun and rid the station of the alien infestation.[6] A new flight command module was later rebuilt;[7] however, it too was destroyed, this time along with the entire station.[3]
  • Captain's Quarters - The personal suite of the station's commander, Carol Danvers, for living and sleeping.[1] It's yet unclear if the Captain's Quarters are located in the Pod Module or elsewhere.
  • Cargo Hold - A space for storing goods and equipment aboard the station.[1] There are at least seven separate sections to this module.[8]
  • Combat Simulation Room - The training module colloquially known as the "Blood Shed" designed to help familiarize personnel with intergalactic threats and various tactical situations they may encounter.[9]
  • Command Bridge - The tactical control module from which the station is run.[1]
  • Communications Room - A transmission module from which the station sends and receives various communiqué.[10]
  • Conference Room - A place aboard the station for the crew to meet amongst themselves or with foreign dignitaries.[1]
  • Detention Module - A series of cells to house those charged with potential crimes aboard the station while further investigation is conducted.[1]
  • Emergency Airlock - Located in the lower decks to house life support pods in case of evacuation.[11]
  • Gymnasium - The station's exercise room.[1]
  • Medical Module Laboratory - This section of the station used as a dispensary and hospital to care for the sick or injured, as well as serve as a morgue.[12]
  • Meditation Room - A a quiet, inspiring space aboard the station, which even houses a tree, and is utilized for the mental and spiritual health of the crew.[1]
  • Pod Module - Also known as the barracks,[13] this section houses the sleeping quarters for the station's crew.[6]
  • Science Laboratory - The temporary office of Dr. Tempest Bell,[12] which was destroyed by a Satori bomb inadvertently brought aboard the station.[8]
  • Security Room - This room houses the screens and recording equipment of the station's surveillance apparatus.[6]
  • Spa - The station's health and beauty room for bathing and other needs of the crew.[1]



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