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  • Mark 1 - Created by the Canadian government to be equal to an Avengers Quinjet, it was much the same in design. Apparently only one was created. When Department H first lost funding, the Omnijet was turned over to Guardian for Alpha Flight's independent use but was destroyed during a mission.[1]

Mark 1 Omnijet after its destruction

  • Mark 2 - The second Omnijet was also created by the Canadian government, this time focusing on its ability to engage in air-to-air and surface-to-air combat. It was destroyed by the villainess known as Lady Deathstrike by an electromagnetically charged sword.

Mark 3 Omnijet

  • Mark 3 - Designed and created by Alphans Roger Bochs and Madison Jeffries to replace the previous Omnijet. This ship was destroyed several times, but was re-created by Jeffries' metal transmuting ability.
  • Mark 4 - Developed by the flight engineers at Department H, the Omnijet Mark IV (aka the AlphaJet) was created strictly for use by the Department. Several versions were built to support Department missions.

Mark 4: the AlphaJet


Travel Radius: Travel Radius
Maximum Velocity (at Sea Level): Maximum velocity unknown
On-Board Equipment: Advanced sensory systems.
On-Board Weaponry: No known on-board weaponry.

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