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Synopsis for "Tundra!"

The members of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flights.

The Prime Minister of Canada informs James MacDonald Hudson that Department H is shutting down their national super-hero team, Alpha Flight. Mac reflects upon what will become of the various team members, notably the rising stars from the back-up groups, Beta Flight and Gamma Flight. Donning his Vindicator armor, he flies home to Ontario to tell his wife, Heather.

Meanwhile, in the Northwest Territories, a man named Richard Easton conducts an ancient ritual in which he summons one of the power Great Beasts – an entity known as Tundra.

In Quebec, Jean-Paul Beaubier visits his sister, Jeanne-Marie at Madame DuPont's School for Girls. He tries to get his sister to shed her modest Jeanne-Marie personality in favor of her more free-spirited persona, Aurora. Jeanne-Marie detests this side of her nature and openly rejects Aurora, as if she were an entirely separate person.

Later at the Hudson residence, Mac receives a call from Alpha Flight's former government liaison, Gary Cody. Cody tells him about a bizarre phenomena taking place at Resolute Bay. Vindicator flies off to respond to the emergency. Heather, fearing for her husband's safety, activates a signal beacon that goes out to all former members of Alpha Flight, including upcoming recruits Puck and Marrina.

Puck is working as a bouncer at Corky's Tavern in Toronto when he receives the call. Exuberance overtakes him and he rushes out to track down Hudson.

In Newfoundland, Marrina carries on a conversation with her adoptive brother, Dan Smallwood, when she too receives the signal. She dives into the sea and begins swimming towards Vindicator’s coordinates.

In British Columbia, Professor Walter Langkowski perceives the summons as well, and is surprised to find that there is still a need for Alpha Flight. He transforms into Sasquatch and races to aid his old allies.

Meanwhile, Snowbird arrives at the scene where Tundra has risen from the Earth. Standing several stories high, he commands the very power of the environment, assaulting Snowbird with a barrage of rock and debris. The rest of Alpha Flight finally arrives including Snowbird’s close friend, Michael Twoyoungmen – also known as Shaman.

Vindicator begins attacking Tundra with a steady stream of electromagnetic energy, but Snowbird warns him that such an assault would adversely affect the environment. As Vindicator scales back his attack, a Canadian Armed Forces helicopter air-drops Sasquatch on top of the behemoth. Sasquatch begins tearing into Tundra’s side, until the Great Beast swats him away like a fly.

Snowbird tells Shaman that only the forces of nature can successfully stop Tundra. He uses his magic to summon a great deluge, which greatly wears away large portions of Tundra's form.

Marrina arrives, riding on top of a traveling waterspout. Shaman uses the excess water that she has brought to finish Tundra off for good. His body erodes away, until there is nothing left but a bed of silt and a large salt lake.

Realizing how effectively everyone worked together, Vindicator offers to re-establish Alpha Flight as an independent super-hero team.

Solicit Synopsis

A John Byrne production. The long-awaited debut of Marvel's Canadian mutant team as Alpha Flight is forced to decide what the future holds for them, but not before battling the man-mountain called Tundra. The 48-page introduction to what will be the smash-hit series of 1983.


  • First appearance of Beta Flight and Gamma Flight. Although this issue is the first appearance of all team members, they appear only as cameo thought images. All of the members will make their full first appearances in future issues.
  • Snowbird appeared last in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 140.
  • Vindicator appeared last in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 140.
  • First Appearances: Angelique (a student at Madame DuPont's School for Girls); Dan Smallwood (Marrina's foster brother); Diamond Lil (a member of Gamma Flight); Flashback (a member of Beta Flight); Francois (the Hudsons' landlord); Gary Cody (Alpha Flight's government liaison); Georges (the Hudsons' landlord); Jacqueline (a student at Madame DuPont's School for Girls); Madison Jeffries (a member of Gamma Flight); Marrina (a former member of Beta Flight); Mary (a waitress at Corky's Tavern); Puck (Eugene Judd; a former member of Beta Flight); Richard Easton (human host for Tundra); Sister Anne (headmistress at Madame DuPont's School for Girls); Smart Alec (a member of Gamma Flight); Thomas Crossman (an MP); Tundra (one of the Great Beasts); Wild Child (a member of Gamma Flight)
  • Final Appearances: Angelique: Francois; Georges; Jacqueline; Mary; Richard Easton (dies in this issue); Sister Anne ; Thomas Crossman


Vindicator with the Prime Minister

  • It is revealed that the members of Alpha Flight are "RCMP auxiliaries."
  • The man who summons Tundra is named Richard Easton. His name and history will be revealed in greater detail in the second story in Alpha Flight #7
  • All members of Alpha Flight possess a cybernetic implant within the back of their skull, which allows their (former) superiors at Department H the ability to signal them in case of emergency. Marrina’s implant however, is contained inside of an amulet that she wears about her neck. No explanation is provided for this alteration of protocol.

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