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Appearing in "The Walking Wounded"

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Synopsis for "The Walking Wounded"

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  • This is the issue of Northstar's coming out. After he adopts a baby that has AIDS, he outs himself to help the causes of the cure for it.
  • This issue is also the first appearance of Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler, Sr.). His son, Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler, Jr.) would later appear and become a member of Alpha Flight in Alpha Flight (Vol. 3).
  • This issue has a poster depicting Wolverine, Puck & Northstar drinking in a bar.
  • In an interview in Marvel's Voices: Pride #1 editor Chris Cooper was asked "What was it like working on ALPHA FLIGHT #106?" His answer: "One morning, after the solicitation for the book went out, I got my first call from a comic book store asking if Northstar was really coming out of the closet. After confirming the solicitation information, I turn to Bobbie to tell her. She tells me to report it to the publicity director. I go to the publicity director's office to tell her about the call. She asks, what happens in ALPHA FLIGHT #106? I tell her that Northstar comes out of the closet. She urgently asks to see a copy of the issue. Before I can get back to my office, my phone is ringing. She asks for six more copies. Before I'm finished making the copies, she calls back asking for six more. So, I'm making all these copies, but by this time, the book has already gone to print." [1]

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