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Quote1.png Unless I act now -- The Master of the World -- will be master of nothing! Quote2.png
Master of the World

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  • Master's Spaceark

Synopsis for "Bare Bones"

The Master of the World monologues about the origin of the Ska'r, and hints at an impending cosmic threat.

Talisman tries to enjoy a trip to the mall. However, she is attacked by Omega Flight.

At Four Freedoms Plaza, members of Alpha Flight attend a meeting called by Mister Fantastic. Guardian contacts Windshear before the meeting begins.

Talisman fights back against Omega Flight, but they knock her out. Brain Drain releases something from her mind.

Meanwhile, Gamma Flight wanders the streets of Toronto, defying orders to remain on base. They discuss the condescending treatment they've received from Windshear.

Back at Four Freedoms Plaza, Alpha Flight impatiently waits for something to do next. The meeting had ended with a gamma bomb explosion and the revelation that Mister Fantastic and Iron Man were replaced by doppelgangers. Cyclops finally informs them that the heroes are preparing an expeditionary force. It will include Guardian, Sasquatch, Wolverine, and Shaman.

In Toronto, Gamma Flight encounters Firebug.


This story takes place during Infinity War #2-Infinity War #3.


  • First appearances of all Omega Flight members except Brain Drain.

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