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Quote1.png You are Omega Flight, favored sons and daughters of the Master of the World! You, and others like you still to come, are the children... that will inherit the Earth! Quote2.png
Master of the World

Appearing in "Bare Bones (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Bare Bones (Part 2)"

Random acts of violence spread throughout Toronto. Windshear finds Gamma Flight trying to contain Firebug. Highbrow notices Mad-Dog nearby as well.

In another dimension, the expeditionary force of heroes battles Thanos and the Infinity Watch. Guardian is distracted, and wonders what is wrong with Shaman. She receives a short pep talk from Wolverine.

Shaman mentally reaches out to his hospitalized daughter, Talisman. He tries to make her understand a mysterious threat.

Due to Windshear's interference, Firebug escapes containment and explodes. Windshear starts to argue with Witchfire, but is possessed by Persuasion.

The Master of the World and Omega Flight watch from a rooftop. The Master reveals that he released the Ska'r. The madness they create in Canada will protect Earth from the Magus.

At Four Freedoms Plaza, members of Alpha Flight battle various doppelgangers. These include doubles of Wild Child and Aurora.

Witchfire informs Gamma Flight that she and Goblyn sense a dark influence. Before they can locate its source, they are threatened by Omega Flight.


This story takes place during Infinity War #4.

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