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Quote1.png But if I am to save this planet... you must all die! Quote2.png
Master of the World

Appearing in "Bare Bones (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Bare Bones (Part 3)"

The Master of the World monologues and recaps recent events. The Magus attempts to replace the Earth and moon by merging them with duplicates. Most of the world population is locked in a trance. However, the Master has incited madness in Toronto to resist the Magus' control.

Gamma Flight battles Omega Flight.

Inside her mindscape, Talisman witnesses the origin of the Ska'r. She learns that it was her power that had originally banished and imprisoned them.

Persuasion possesses Bile. She uses him to chase off the rest of Omega Flight. The Master blasts Gamma Flight and knocks them unconscious. Before he can kill them, a pack of the Ska'r arrives and tries to eat the Master. He teleports away to escape. From her hospital bed, Talisman opens another dimensional portal. Windshear blows the Ska'r through it and imprisons them again.

Later, the members of Gamma Flight are promoted to Beta Flight.


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