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Quote1.png ALPHA FLIGHT! Glad to see you finally made it, people. Pick a "partner" and let's finish this fight. Quote2.png

Appearing in "...And One Shall Surely Die"

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Synopsis for "...And One Shall Surely Die"

Guardian has put out the call for the first time in months to bring Alpha Flight together. One by one, the members that hear the signal converge, catch-up, and in the case of Sasquatch and the estranged Beaubier twins, work out their aggressions. With no time to waste, Shaman uses his magic to teleport the team to Guardian's location in New York where the battle with Omega Flight is in progress. Unfortunately, Snowbird quickly loses strength and seems to rapidly age due to her life being tied to the land of Canada. Smart Alec snatches Shaman's bag while he's distracted by Narya's condition and looks inside, only to lose his mind to the incomprehensible space inside.

Meanwhile, Heather Hudson is being held elsewhere in the tower by Delphine Courtney and made to watch a pre-recorded message from Jerome Jaxon explaining how her husband ruined his life, leading to his elaborate revenge plot against Guardian and all of Alpha Flight. Heather tries to fight past Courtney to find her husband, accidentally ripping off Courtney's face and revealing her to be a robot. Courtney is unconcerned and leaves to assist Jaxon, giving Heather an opportunity to escape her holding room and search for James.

During the battle, Box drives Guardian away from the group for a private confrontation. Hudson can't believe that his friend and colleague Roger Bochs would turn on him like this, but Box reveals that the robotic unit is actually being remotely controlled by Jaxon himself. He promises to defeat Guardian personally and succeeds in ripping off his control helmet and damaging the suit, but Guardian uses wires from his own power pack to overload Box and fry Jaxon's mind through the neural link. Though he won the fight, Guardian has only a few seconds to dismantle his damaged suit before it melts down on him. He just about succeeds when Heather bursts into the room looking for him, distracting him at the last second, costing him his life as the suit explodes.

Solicit Synopsis

One member of Alpha Flight will fight no more! And if you stick around for the all-out battle with Omega Flight, you'll know who - and why! Also in this crucial issue, the conclusion of the origin of Sasquatch!

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