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Quote1.png As for Alpha... without Mac there is no Alpha Flight. His dream died with him. Quote2.png
Heather Hudson

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Synopsis for "Nightmare!"

The team mourns the death of Gaurdian. As the team leaves the gravesite, only Heather Hudson is left with Wolverine in the shadows mourning on his own. As Heather kneels by the grave site a skeleton hand reaches out and grabs her. Heather screams and Wolverine comes in to battle the fiery skeleton. Heather goes running and suddenly the skeleton is upon her and reaches out to kiss her. Heather wakes up from this apparent nightmare screaming and Shaman comes in and calms her and gets her back to sleep. He and Puck discuss what they can do to help Heather.

The next day, the three go to see the Canadian Prime Minister. Heather tells him of her husband's death and explains what events transpired to lead to that death. After this meeting, Heather renews her commitment to the team and explains she has not been beaten by the death of her husband.

That night, Jacob Vandernet is running from something and goes to the docks in Toronto. As he runs down the pier something grabs him from the water and takes him under the water.

Solicit Synopsis

"Repercussions!" The title says it all! Having suffered the most unexpected loss of all, Alpha Flight must do all it can just to stay alive... let alone try to bring about the downfall of Omega Flight!


  • Heather recounts her husband's moments leading up to his death.
  • The first 11 pages of the issue contain only one word of dialogue.
  • The meeting with Gary Cody is dated as the day after the resignation of Pierre Trudeau as the Canadian Prime Minister on June 30 1984. This is a topical reference in the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.


  • The creative team's credits appear as names on headstones on the cover.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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