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Quote1.png You have the wisdom of the gods Snowbird, but you lack the life experience to make that wisdom serve you. Your form is of a woman grown, yet it is less than six years since I plucked you from the netherworld, a mere babe. There is a richness to life that you have not yet begun even to suspect. Do not deny yourself this fullness. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Biology Class"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ramin (First appearance)
  • Inspector MacMurray (Main story and flashback)
  • Medical Examiner
  • Timmy Rodgers' mother



Synopsis for "Biology Class"

In the Yukon, Shaman finds an exhausted Snowbird wandering about and reminds her that she still needs to rest to recover from her near-death experience outside the border, and that though she has the wisdom of the gods available to her soul, her mind and body still have only six years of experience in her current form so she could stand to heed his advice. As they leave, something dark begins to seep from the stone where Snowbird had been leaning.

In Vancouver, Aurora is getting out of the shower when she's shocked to see the image of an enraged Jeanne Beaubier in the mirror, screaming to be let out.

Meanwhile at Ontario Place, Eugene Judd and Heather McNeil are having lunch discussing Heather's efforts to pull her life together when a scream coming from the lake draws them out to find a panicking mother whose baby was suddenly pulled into the water along with the stroller. Knowing Judd can't swim, Heather dives into the lake to attempt a rescue, but finds only the abandoned stroller before something grabs her leg and nearly kills her as well. Judd is able to pull her from the water and get her to a hospital. He later learns from the police that this was part of a string of grisly murders occurring near the water going back ten months. Going on a hunch, he calls in Marrina, interrupting Namor's proposal to her, and together they piece together that another of the creatures hatched from the same brood as her might be going berserk beneath the lake.

And at the site of Fort Calgary, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen is on an archaeological dig when she uncovers a human skull that briefly manifests a frightening appartion that screams "Revenge!!".

Solicit Synopsis

Meet Gilded Lily! She's more than a gold smuggler! And she smuggles more than gold! Alpha Flight must contend with her - while romantic conflicts threaten to tear the team apart! What's going on between Aurora and Sasquatch?


  • The Plodex species send out egg hatcheries to alien planets as part of their colonization process (see Alpha Flight #4, Nov. 1983). The ship destined for Earth crashed and only two eggs survived. One was Marrina, who imprinted upon humanity when a sailor, Tom Smallwood, found her egg (see Alpha Flight #2, September 1983). The second egg, ‘Marrina’s mate’, is a conglomeration of various aquatic life-forms it had absorbed in the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean. In the last page of Alpha Flight #16, 4th panel, Marrina refers to the other egg as her ‘mate’.
  • In this issue Namor proposes to Marrina
  • The motto of Canada is 'A Mari Usque Ad Mare' not ' Ad Mari Usque Ad Mare' as is printed in this comic.


  • The issue opens with a quotation from Robert Service's "The Spell of the Yukon."

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