Quote1 No, Douglas. I am no longer Anne McKenzie. In truth, I never really was. Anne McKenzie was but a figment of one man's imagination. I am Snowbird! Quote2
-- Snowbird

Appearing in "Blind Date"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Paul
  • Sarah


  • Home of Doug Thompson
  • Walter Langkowski's apartment


  • Marrina's Amulet


Synopsis for "Blind Date"

Alpha Flight Vol 1 15 001

The issue begins with Doug Thompson in his home, thinking about his imprisoned love, Anne McKenzie. She has recently escaped from prison and he is being implicated as an accomplice. His doorbell rings and he goes to check who it is and is surprised Anne outside of his house. She comes in and explains to him that Anne Mckenzie is not real and she is, in fact, Snowbird of Alpha Flight. She tells him that she has been sent to Earth for a purpose that she can't reveal to him. He reveals to her, in turn, that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Puck and Marrina stand at the shore of Lake Ontario. They're there to investigate a string of murders. Marrina dives in to begin hunting the killer. After swimming around for a while, she comes across an underwater cave. She is startled by something that the reader can't see.

Back on land Aurora is waking up in her room. Her alter ego, Aurora, has emerged over her Jeanne-Marie persona. In order to assert herself, Aurora cuts her hair short hoping to lock away Jeanne-Marie forever.

Back on the shores of Lake Ontario, Puck is confronted by Marrina who has apparently gone feral. Marrina attacks, but Puck is able to use his agility to avoid her. As the two tussel, Namor the Sub-Mariner suddenly leaps out of the water. Thinking Puck the aggressor, Namor attacks and knocks him out. Marrina then turns her attack on Namor. Namor gains the upper hand, but is blindsided by a new combatant. Though his name is not revealed in this issue, he does refer to himself as the Master of the World.

Meanwhile, Shaman is approached by his daughter. She seems unhappy to see him and demands that he speak to her only as Shaman, not as her father.


  • An editor's note on page six incorrectly gives the surface area of Lake Ontario as "almost 40,000 square miles". The actual surface area of Lake Ontario is 7,340 square miles. None of the Great Lakes individually come near 40,000 square miles, unless Michigan-Huron are considered as a single lake.

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