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Quote1.png I... hadn't even thought of it like that. But... But you're right, both of you. If Alpha Flight is going to survive it needs a leader... For Mac... For the dream... I will be that leader! Quote2.png
Heather Hudson

Appearing in "Dreams Die Hard..."

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Synopsis for "Dreams Die Hard..."

At the hospital, Logan and Heather reminisce about their past and about how Wolverine defected to the X-Men, forcing Mac to hunt him down as Weapon Alpha. Judd soon arrives and meets Logan for the first time, though the two start off with a mutual respect for their similar reputations as soldiers and adventurers. They come to the subject of keeping Alpha Flight going after Mac's death and who should lead them. Logan pre-emptively declines, but Judd says he had someone else in mind anyway. Puck offers the role to Heather, who has been with the project from the start and had been the invisible glue holding the team together. She's taken aback, but to fight for her own future as well as her husband's dream, Heather accepts.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, Walter Langkowski reluctantly conducts an experiment on Aurora at her behest to remove her mutant genetics while preserving her powers. She comes out of the process apparently healthy, and to mark the occasion of truly breaking away from her brother, she debuts a new, yellow costume.


  • The first part of the flashback takes place during Giant-Size X-Men #1, showing the immediate aftermath of Wolverine going rogue from the Canadian government.
  • The second flashback (story pages 8-11, 13-16) is mostly a reprint of the back half of X-Men #109 featuring some of the narration boxes replaced with Wolverine's dialogue from the present reminiscing about the event. Scripter Chris Claremont and inker Terry Austin are credited for the reprinted parts.

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