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Quote1.png "I'm glad you've decided to accept this position as leader of Alpha Flight, eh?" Quote2.png

Appearing in "How Long Will a Man Lie in the Earth `Ere He Rot?"

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Synopsis for "How Long Will a Man Lie in the Earth `Ere He Rot?"

Heather tries to re-form the team. Northstar bluntly refuses but Puck is on her side and Aurora is already on board. They call Shaman, but he is out with his daughter investigating a mysterious skull that she discovered on the site of the battle between Alpha Flight and the X-Men[1]. The skull is infused with spiritual energies, but Shaman cannot investigate it much further for now because there is a call from Lucas Stang's great-granddaughter about her scrambled eggs attacking her. Shaman and his daughter teleport over to investigate and battle the "Scrambled Egg Monster".

After the battle, they run upstairs to see that Lucas has been possessed by a great evil and he is forced to curse his great-granddaughter with the possession of the demon Ranaq. While Shaman deals with Lucas, his daughters' latent powers manifest like a mutants powers, not with years of study as with Shaman. She is able to repel Ranaq's power and, while the house is obliterated, there are no casualties.

Also, Snowbird reveals her true, demonic face to Douglas after he professes his love for her.


  • A letter by Corey Caponero, slamming Marvel's decision to kill off Guardian, is published in the letter pages. It is infamous for its seething contempt for America's historical treatment of Native Americans and perceived Canadian slight.
  • Two spellings are used for the names of the characters of Emily and Lucas: 'Stang' (pages 6, 9 and 22, then in Alpha Flight # 19) and 'Strang' (pages 16, 18). Given the frequency of use of 'Stang', it seems that the spelling of 'Strang' is incorrect and constitutes an error.

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