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Appearing in "Turn Again, Turn Again, Time in Thy Flight..."

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Synopsis for "Turn Again, Turn Again, Time in Thy Flight..."

Heather and Puck join Shaman and Elizabeth in Calgary as Shaman conjures the portal to the source of the magic that attacked them. Snowbird arrives since she found out one of the Great Beasts is involved, and upon noticing Elizabeth, suddenly bows to her, implying Elizabeth is the chosen one of prophesy. Confirming his own suspicions, Shaman bids his daughter to reach into his pouch. Before she does, she glimpses into it and sees it as empty, proving that her mind is naturally more resistant to the infinite unknowable it contains. She reaches in an pulls out a tiara that when she puts it on, makes her transform, donning a costume.

Shaman, Elizabeth, Puck, and Snowbird head through the time portal and land in the recently incorporated town of Calgary in 1884. Elizabeth's new powers are put to the test of tracking the source of the magic and they soon find a cabin where bandits Zebediah Chase and young Lucas Stang are forcing a native medicine man to summon Ranaq by holding his grand-daughter hostage. When Ranaq arrives, he immediately tries to smite the mortals that dared to toy with him, but Luke and Zeb are wearing talismans that protect them from magic. Zeb demands the Great Beast grant his wishes for money, women, and power. Ranaq plays along and creates these things, but Zeb finds that he can't touch them because his necklace blocks out all magic, good and bad. He hands his necklace over to Luke and immediately falls prey to Ranaq's trick, his body becoming the Beast's mortal vessel. At this point, Snowbird can't hold back any longer and bursts into the room to attack the Great Beast, but Ranaq overpowers her. Elizabeth challenges him next and finds she is able to hold him at bay just as she did in the present. Luke tries to get away but Puck tackles him and the medicine man convinces him that only his skill with mortal weaponry holds the key to defeating Ranaq. Understanding, Luke loads a piece of the magic-nullifying necklace into a bullet and shoots the body of his friend possessed by Ranaq. He then follows the instructions to bury the remains where Elizabeth will unearth them a hundred years later and accepts his fate to stand guard against Ranaq's return for as long as possible, thus closing the loop that Alpha Flight traveled through time to participate in. Elizabeth is dubious, thinking that their objective had been to prevent Ranaq's attack in the present, not to ensure it. Shaman assures her that history cannot be changed, as if he knew their adventure would play out that way when he decided they should head back in time.

As they head back to their own time, Snowbird mentions that Elizabeth will need serious training with her newfound powers, dubbing her "Talisman".


  • Background inks by Williams.
  • The story is dedicated to the city of Calgary's 1984 Centennial.

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