Appearing in "Gold and Love Affairs!"

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Calvelli
  • Chuck
  • 8 unnamed former husbands of Lillian von Loont


  • Canadian Rockies
  • Vancouver Island



Synopsis for "Gold and Love Affairs!"

In Alberta, Snowbird talks about the importance of training Talisman in the use of her powers, but Elizabeth isn't comfortable being treated as some kind of messiah. Shaman encourages Puck to be there for Heather emotionally, even though he feels like he doesn't deserve her. Heather contacts Sasquatch and Aurora about the possibility of setting up a headquarters in their area.

In BC, Sasquatch and Aurora are exercising their powers: Sasquatch attempting to get to the bottom of his berserker rage attacks, and Aurora finding out if she's still as strong after the experiment that altered her physiology. Neither come to any sort of conclusion they were looking for. After getting Heather's call, Walter takes Aurora out to an abandoned family estate on Tamarind Island. He tells her the story of how his great-aunt built the place, widowed eight times under mysterious circumstances, then disappeared in 1929. As they're looking around the house, Walter suddenly disappears and the lights go out. Aurora starts to panic as she wanders in the dark and her Jeanne-Marie personality starts to come out, but she fights her back. When she finally finds a lit room, it's filled with eight golden statues of men in old-timey garb. She's startled when she notices the eyes of one of the statues move, revealing they're alive. Aurora stumbles into the lady of the house, who introduces herself as Lillian von Loont, Gilded Lily, who assures her that the man she's looking for is quite safe and reveals a golden statue of Walter Langkowski.


  • Background inks by Williams.

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