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  • Unnamed 8 former husbands of Lillian von Loont


Synopsis for "Love Wrought New Alchemy..."

Gilded Lily explains her backstory to Aurora, that a century ago she met and fell in love with Esteban Diablo and learned many of his alchemical techniques before he was imprisoned underground by the fearful populace. She then dedicated her life to tracking down the men that betrayed Diablo, seducing them, then encasing them in gold to torture them in revenge. She grabs the uncharacteristically helpless Aurora and takes her to her lab intending to do statufy her as well. Meanwhile, Walter comes to in his statue form and transforms into Sasquatch to break free. He finds Lily's lab where she's about to transmute Aurora and begins to break things. When Lily turns to escape, Sasquatch grabs her cloak, revealing a mechanical body underneath. Thinking she's a robot, he grabs at her mask, uncovering a horrified, aged face that immediately crumbles to dust once exposed. The entire interior of the mansion follows suit, leaving only a facade over a deep pit of white dust. When Sasquatch asks Aurora how Lily managed to capture her despite her powers, she changes the subject. Sasquatch thinks that what's happening with her mind isn't quite like Jeanne-Marie taking over and wonders if yet a third personality is developing.

Meanwhile, Snowbird is flying over northern Alberta when she's suddenly, briefly overcome with pain. Bewildered, she notes that only the gods could strike at her being that way, and wonders why.


  • Despite the cover, Alpha Flight does not encounter Diablo in this issue.

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