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Following the death of Sasquatch at the hands of Snowbird when he was taken over by the beast within him, his fellow Alphans Snowbird, Heather McNeil, Puck, Aurora, and Talisman are in the Eye of the World, an ancient place of power where it is possible to access the realm of the Great Beasts. With them they have the crystallized body of Langowski so that they can find his soul and put it back into him.

Aurora shouts at Snowbird, angry that she tore out her lover's heart, but Snowbird assures her it was necessary in order to save the Alphans and the rest of the world from him being possessed by one of the Great Beasts. they are surprised by Shaman teleporting to them in response to the spell his daughter Talisman cast compelling all of Alpha Flight's members to join them.

Aurora is about to tell Shaman what has happened when her brother Northstar arrives in response to Talisman's call, gloating that he knew Aurora would come calling for him sooner or later. Angered by his arrogance, Aurora punches him. Shaman introduces Northstar to his daughter and explains that it was she who sent out the call, Northstar says he has terminated his relationship with Alpha Flight and starts to leave. Snowbird, however, tells him to wait and he obeys - she tells Shaman that she was able to do so thanks to a power she has never used before, the power to compel others to aid her, if they will not do so willingly. Shaman disapproves of meddling with others' minds, but Snowbird tells him they will need all their strength. Shaman draws from his Medicine Pouch the Great Key that will open the barrier to the Great Beasts' realm.

As the barrier opens, Snowbird tells Heather she must remain behind with Langowski's body in the Eye of the World as she has no powers of her own. The Alphans are transported to the Great Beasts' realm through all kinds of illusory perils. When they arrive in the Realm of the Beasts, the Alphans are over-awed by what they see and Snowbird and Shaman explain how the Great Beasts, and Snowbird's own people the Gods of the North, were imprisoned. Shaman sends the teams three flyers - Snowbird, Aurora, and Northstar - off to scout ahead. They soon see Somon the great artificer, who taunts them. Snowbird flies at him, but he strikes her with his staff. When Snowbird says he struck her as if he were just a mortal, Somon demonstrates his power by destroying part of the realm.

Meanwhile, Shaman, Talisman, and Puck are attacked by three more of the Great Beasts, Tundra, Kariooq the Corrupter, and Tolomaq the Fire Beast. Unable to fight them, the three Alphans run from the Beasts.

Back at the Eye of the World, Heather records her thoughts in the hope that someone will find it if Alpha Flight don't survive, and she talks about the fact that she saw her late husband in the street a few days previously. Before she can say more, she's interrupted by the arrival of Box in his new and improved armor, who has also answered Talisman's call. When Box asks why Heather is sitting by a crumbling 'statue' of Walter Langowski, Heather is shocked to see that Walter's body is falling apart.

As the Alphans are pursued by the Great Beasts, Shaman muses that Somon must be controlling them, turning their usual antagonism for each other against others. As Kariooq approaches, Shaman pelts him with a hail of ice from his pouch, scaring him, until Tolomaq melts it, rescuing them.

Somon says that humanity has changed since he last encountered it, and realizes there is something different about Snowbird too. As Snowbird begins to take on the form of a polar bear to attack him, Somon realizes she is the offspring of the Gods of the North. Somon forms a cage from the platform beneath them, but Snowbird breaks free and attacks. As she does so, the other beasts turn on each other as Somon is too distracted to control them now.

Shaman tells his teammates they must hurry to Snowbird to stop her from killing Somon while they still need him. Arriving there, Shaman talks Snowbird down from her bloodlust. A frightened Somon says he is now theirs to command, but that to find Walter's soul it will cost them much down the paths of love, hate, and power. Somon leads them to the Pit of Ultimate Sadness, beneath the sphere of Phitash-Hasrak, where Walter's soul resides along with billions of others. Somon says Walter's soul can only be saved by one who loves him, one who hates him, and someone of great power. Aurora will represent love, and she says her brother must represent hate, as he hated Walter. He protests, but Snowbird compels him once again to help. Shaman says that Talisman must represent power, as she is by far the most powerful of them. The three descend into the well, despite Puck's misgivings. They are plunged into darkness, before being confronted by a manifestation of Somon. He reveals he has trapped them, and plunges his fingers into them, saying he is their death.

Snowbird feels their pain and realizes Somon tricked them. Angry, she thrusts her hand through him, killing him, while Shaman transports their three friends' now lifeless forms to them, saying they have suffered a psychic death from their lifeforces being drained from them. Snowbird wonders if their lifeforces can be rekindled, but Shaman says only Talisman could have done that. Before they can do any more, Snowbird senses emotions emanating from the sphere above. Three streams of energy stretch down to the three inert Alphans, and they are revived. Shaman realizes the sphere is actually the soul of Walter Langowski, but that reviving his friends has left his energy levels dangerously low. Knowing there is no time to waste, the Alphans travel back to the Eye of the World.

Arriving at the Eye of the World, they find Walter's body has completely crumbled away. Aurora asks if it can be reformed, but Shaman says it is impossible with Walter's soul so diminished. However, seeing Box gives him an idea. He asks Box if he can infuse Walter's soul into the Box armor, and Roger agrees, but asks someone to catch him - he phases out of the armor, saying he has changed its design. Walter soul is put inside the armor, and he tries to get used to his new body. Shaman celebrates, but Snowbird says with the Great Beasts destroyed, her time on Earth is done.

Later, Heather goes to see Snowbird's boyfriend Doug Thompson and tells him of Snowbird's decision not to return to Earth. After Heather leaves, Snowbird emerges from another room. Doug says he didn't like lying, but Snowbird says it was necessary, and that she needs Doug to teach her to be human before the two of them kiss.

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