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Dark Guardian (Delphine Courtney)

Appearing in "If at First You Don't Succeed..."

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Synopsis for "If at First You Don't Succeed..."

Alpha Flight is engaged in a combat exercise for the CAF Special Forces in Red Deer to help test a new combining robot and some of the team begins to get unsettled by the newly returned Guardian, especially when Aurora gets injured due to his recklessness. Afterwards, Shaman and Box go to look after her while Guardian takes Puck and Talisman on to their next call to meet up with Heather and Northstar at the West Edmonton Mall, which is under attack by a group of terrorists. They only find out when they get there that the people attacking the mall are Omega Flight. Guardian has the team split up to look for their targets. Inside the mall, Puck encounters Diamond Lil, Talisman finds Flashback, and Northstar engages Wild Child. The Alphans have the upper hand until they're each blindsided by force fields used by the Omegans' leader. Elsewhere in the mall, Heather and Guardian find each other, but Mac frightens Heather when he starts speaking with Jerry Jaxon's voice in a sinister tone. With Alpha Flight already halfway defeated, "Guardian" ends his ruse and tears off his face to reveal the robot that Heather had previously met as Delphine Courtney. Even after Jaxon's death, he continues to use Omega Flight to complete his programmed objective to destroy Alpha Flight.


  • A comic chop in the West Edmonton Mall is shown with comics in the window display including The Incredible Hulk #317, G.I.Joe #38, Power Man & Iron Fist #119, Thor and (of course) Alpha Flight #22.
  • At the time of publication, the West Edmonton Mall had only been open four years and was still in development, so some characters in the story are unfamiliar with it. At the time, the WEM was the largest shopping mall in the world, a claim it held until 2004.

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