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The fake Guardian and Omega Flight gloat over the defeated Alpha Flight members in the West Edmondton Mall. Courtney has a plan to lure the remainder of the team into a trap by torturing Talisman until she involuntarily sends them a psychic summons. While this is happening, Shaman is finishing patching up Aurora's ribs from the injury she sustained in the combat exercise earlier that day and Bochs is using a dimensional scanner to seek out a replacement body for Walter, finding a suitably large and non-sapient specimen in a certain dimensional Crossroads. Before they can take a closer look, Shaman picks up his daughter's distress and teleports himself, Box, and Aurora to the source. At Doug Thompson's home in Yellowknife, Narya also detects the call and despite having hidden her continued presence on Earth from the team, cannot resist the compulsion to fly south to help them.

Shaman's group meets with "Guardian" at the mall, who makes it seem to them like the rest of Alpha Flight had incapacitated the Omegans instead of the other way around. "Guardian" wonders aloud where Smart Alec ended up, and Shaman fills him in on how he had stored the braindead body of Alec in his pouch. Offended, Courtney snatches Shaman's pouch and flies off with it in attempt to free Smart Alec. Before the Alphans can stop him, he ends up pulling the pouch inside-out and releasing the void it's meant to access. Omega Flight immediately flees from the rapidly expanding and all-devouring field of madness-inducing mystic energy. Most of Alpha Flight is quickly swallowed up, leaving only Shaman, who prioritizes rescuing and reviving Talisman. He charges her with stopping the void from within since she's the only mortal whose mind can withstand its effects. Talisman is nervous, but her father promises her that she will be safe. She heads into the void and navigates the impossible, constantly shifting landscape to find Alpha Flight and bring them out. Box's mechanical brain can withstand the sensations and most of the others are mercifully unconscious, but Aurora is awake and her already fragile psyche is at risk from the void's effects. Talisman's presence inside the void begins to reverse its expansion in the real world, allowing Shaman to help close it back up from the other side. The prone Alphans are soon all evacuated and Shaman is about to pull Talisman out as well when Courtney distracts him, revealing that he had captured the incoming Snowbird as a hostage while everyone else was dealing with the void. The robot threatens to kill Snowbird, but Shaman thinks he can save both her and his daughter by delaying his rescue of Talisman for a moment to pull from the void as he would from his pouch a substance that he can throw in Courtney's face to incapacitate him and give Narya a chance to escape. Unfortunately, the collapse of the void accelerates in that moment, returning to the form of the pouch and trapping Talisman within. Shaman breaks down as he realizes that once again he failed in his promise to keep his family safe.


  • Inks: assist by Williams.

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