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Synopsis for "The Grateful Dead!"

The return of Deadly Ernest

Deadly Ernest is back! We first see him wandering an alley, completely naked. He kills a man for his clothes, Terminator-style and makes his escape. Nemesis has also returned, sensing Ernest's resurrection. She begins her hunt.

We then see Alpha Flight at a hospital. They're offering Scramble, a reformed villain, a spot on the team. He refuses, saying he'd rather resume his work as a doctor and use his powers to heal. While they're talking, the body of Ernest's victim from the alley is wheeled in. The description of his condition reminds Aurora of her first encounter with Ernest. Just then, a doctor comes running out of the hospital claiming that Ernest's body is missing from the morgue!

Meanwhile, Snowbird and Doug Thompson are searching for Shaman in the tundra. Shaman has stumbled across a mystical skull in a log cabin. The skull ends up being his grandfather's and it allows Shaman to communicate with his spirit. The spirit of Shaman's grandfather offers to help guide him back to the path of power.

Back with the main team, Aurora and Northstar fill Alpha Flight in on what happened the first time they crossed paths with Deadly Ernest. They come up on him standing over a fresh kill and the battle ensues. Ernest uses his death touch to take out Box, Northstar, and Aurora. He then takes Heather as a hostage to stop Nemesis from attacking him. Nemesis tosses her sword to Puck to finish Ernest. She reveals that his teammates are not dead yet, but she must use her powers to keep them from slipping away. With the rest of the team either down, occupied, or hostage, it's all up to Puck. Puck cuts off Ernest's arm and, after all other options have been exhausted, his head as well. Ernest is immortal though, so even this doesn't kill him. Ernest's body continues to attack Puck while his head screams insults and threats. Puck cuts his other hand off just before Ernest's head is hit by a train, finally killing him for good.

With Ernest dead, Nemesis is able to use the magic in her sword to bring back the rest of Alpha Flight. Unfortunately, it turns out that Nemesis' life is tied to Ernest's, so his death means that she must die as well.

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