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Quote1.png Wolverine san! You battle with misappropriated power! That which was stolen must now be returned! Quote2.png
Lady Deathstrike

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Synopsis for "A Friend in Need"

Heather Hudson, in Guardian's suit, races across the Canadian sky toward the X-Mansion to ask for training on being a leader. She flies over the North Atlantic and does not notice her old teammate, Marrina, below the surface of the water. Marrina who now looks like a monster is being chased by Attuma, Warlord of Atlantis. Attula plans to use Marrina as bait to capture Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Marrina dives deep into the ocean and then suddenly screams out from birth pangs.

Meanwhile, Snowbird also suffers sympathy pains from Marrina and screams out while clutching her abdomen. Doug Thompson talks to the doctor who has arrived in the blizzard and after seeing Snowbird is the patient, he does not know how to begin to treat her. She suddenly speaks out in an inhuman voice and yells at them for being pathetic humans and then morphs and faints. Doug tells the doctor they witnessed her "true fires".

Alpha Flight sits and tries to think of what has happened to Heather and why she has flown off. Puck regrets not teaching her to fight and Box realizes that he can track Guardian's suit. Puck takes off to find her on his own. Heather, flying high above the X-Mansion, spots the X-Men as they are leaving for the opera. Magneto tells the team that they are under attack. Wolverine yells at them not to attack her. Magneto had already shot an electromagnetic pulse at her before Logan yelled to stop and Heather falls towards the ground. Rogue catches her before she hits the ground and Wolverine takes her from Rogue and the X-Men plan to help her since Wolverine vouches for her.

On a Japanese boat, the captain says the boat is within range of its target. He then says he wishes he knew more of what their mission is. A shadow walks on the deck and tells the captain not to worry about it. The shadowy figure turns out to be Yuriko Oyama, now calling herself Lady Deathstrike.

Wolverine drives Heather out to a secluded area and she asks him for training. He recalls when they first met and Wolverine was an animal in the woods. He attacked James and Heather and then was shot by Heather. James went to go get help and Heather watched over Wolverine. She saw his claws and got scared but then realized that using his claws was painful and tried to help him. As they are talking of this Heather again asks for help. Wolverine stops her and tells her she is about to get "on the job training". They suddenly realize they are surrounded by several samurais and Lady Deathstrike tells Wolverine that he must now return the misappropriated power he stole from her.


  • Lettering wrongly credited to Jim Novak.


  • Wolverine remembers when he attacked James and Heather and Heather shot him. Then nursed him back to health. - Takes place between Wolverine:Origins & Alpha Flight:First Flight comics.

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