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Purple Girl (Kara Killgrave), commanding Northstar to take her to Alpha Flight.

Appearing in "It's Not Easy Being Purple"

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Synopsis for "It's Not Easy Being Purple"

In a Toronto suburb, a teenage girl named Kara rushes home in the middle of the night in a panic, because her skin has inexplicably turned purple. Her mother comforts her, and says it’s time she was told about her father.

At Alpha Flight’s headquarters, Vindicator proposes that Jeffries join the team, now that Marrina has married Namor and left. The motion passes unanimously, except for Shaman who remains very distant since absorbing Talisman’s power. Northstar says he will take a leave of absence to spend more time skiing, which upsets his sister Aurora.

A week later, at the Banff ski resort, Kara Killgrave, who has stolen her mother’s credit cards and run away, adopts a punk look in the hopes of making her stand out less. On the slops outside, Northstar prepares for a ski jump. As he descends he reflects on the emergence of his mutant super-speed, which soon took away the challenge of skiing because he always won. Signing autographs afterwards, he is admired by the young Kara, who idolizes him but cannot bring herself to approach him. In self-pity she locks herself in a bathroom and when a young girl wishes to come in, Kara tells her to go jump off a cliff. The girl’s skin takes on a purple tint and she walks off to do just that.

Kara reflects on the story her mom told her. Fourteen years ago, the Purple Man forced her mother to marry him, but eventually, finding himself truly in love and hoping she reciprocated, he freed her from his control. Horrified, she fled to Toronto, where Killgrave never tried to contact her, and where she had baby Kara.

Outside, the young woman leaps off a cliff, to the shock of those standing nearby. Luckily, Northstar sees it happen and flies to save her. Kara is shocked too, realizing now that she has inherited her father’s powers. Meanwhile, having witnessed him using his powers, the crowd accuses Northstar of cheating at skiing. Saddened, he realizes it may be possible, and decides to foreswear skiing once again.

As he walks away, Kara catches up with him and explains what happened with the girl. He doesn’t believe her until she compels him to follow her back to her room. She tells him to bring her exotic flowers, and he flies away with her to a tropical island, where they frolic under a waterfall together. He saves her from a crocodile that attacks her, and finally realizes that he can break her control if he stays submerged. They chat and she explains her powers, and that she loves him, but he says you do not use those you love. He mentions that Alpha Flight could train her, and she orders him to take her to Alpha Flight.


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