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Synopsis for "A Real Gone Daddy!"

Flashbacks of Purple Girl (Kara Killgrave) reveal that Alpha Flight is no more. Sasquatch lost all his fortune as no one believed him to be the real thing, as he was stuck in a girl's body. Without resources to support their activities and no home base, Vindicator disbands Alpha Flight. Manikin (Whitman Knapp) breaks up with Purple Girl to return to medicine. Laura and Goblyn move in with Kara and her mother in their apartment in Etobicoke. Kara learns of her father's death[1] and travels to his grave, wishing he could have known her. Soon after, the "Purple Man" appears to attack the Killgrave household with a crew of zombies. Kara uses her powers to force her mother and Laura to escape while she and Goblyn battle the zombies. Kara manages to destroy the rotting form of her father by igniting him with gasoline.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen is on an archaeological dig in the Yukon and begins to feel powers similar to her time as Talisman.


  • The attack by the "Purple Man" is later revealed to be a nightmare created by the Dreamqueen.

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