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Synopsis for "Where There's a Will There's a Way"

Alpha Flight continues trying to procure the Langkowski fortune. Walter is in court with Veronica trying to prove that he is really himself despite being in the female body of Snowbird. He considers lying and saying he had a sex change, but knows there are no medical records to prove it. Sasquatch is given a lie detector test. Walter recounts all of his body switches, during which his ex-wife has an outburst that she knew he was unfaithful when he discusses his romance with Aurora. The judge retires to her chamber to make a decision, but is confronted by a government agent pressuring her not to allow Alpha Flight the funds at stake in the proceedings. Box and Vindicator have returned to the family home of Heather, where Box mistakes Vindicator's sister for Heather. Jade Dragon is being interrogated by Canadian intelligence officers about whether he intends to defect. The Chinese government has sent agents to spy on the interrogation. Back at court, Walter is fantasizing about his ex-wife's legs when he suddenly collapses. Snowbird and the Great Beasts flow out of his body. After a battle, Walter surrenders his claim on the money. He reunites with Aurora who is now a nun.


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