Quote1.png "My friends better be alright, or I'll kill you! In fact, I'm coming over right now! If you're still there I'll kill you anyway!" Quote2.png
-- Elizabeth Twoyoungmen

Appearing in "Wrath of the Dreamqueen (Part 2): All That We Are..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Arnold Wilcox
  • Ed Jones
  • Annie Turner
  • Larry




Synopsis for "Wrath of the Dreamqueen (Part 2): All That We Are..."

Elizabeth requests the Talisman of Power back from her father. Wanda, possessed by the Dreamqueen, takes the Talisman during the transfer. Narya transforms Wanda back into Walter to break the Dreamqueen's control. Walter gives the Talisman to Elizabeth who once again becomes Talisman and leaving her father to once again be Shaman.


  • Sasquatch is returned to a man this issue.


Dominick Cecere, character animator for SPI on Spider-Man 3 (film), requested advice at age 16 on how to become a comic book artist in the letters pages (page 27).

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