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Appearing in "The Final Option (Part 2): Decisions Of Strength"

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Synopsis for "The Final Option (Part 2): Decisions Of Strength"

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Her joins the battle against the Consortium with Box, Guardian and Vindicator. Northstar helps the Toronto wounded instead, as Her wonders whether she should surrender to protect the civilians. In hospital, as the remaining team members mobilise for the alien attack, Laura Dean has an outburst about saving Goblyn and activates her teleportation powers, causing herself, her parents, Shaman, Witchfire, Aurora and Persuasion to disappear.

Meanwhile on the planet Quwrll, the Quwrlln, having seen Nova approach them, choose to avoid the coming of Galactus by teleporting their planet away. Sasquatch, Puck, Windshear and Diamond Lil arrive to join Alpha Flight's fight against the Consortium ships.

Sasquatch, Northstar and Lil are fighting the ground troops that have begun to drop when Lil is shot by a laser powerful enough to pierce her skin. Guardian and Vindicator are hit by ships, but survive, causing Her to begin considering surrender. As Diamond Lil catches the gunman who shot her, the Avengers arrive to assist in repelling the invasion.


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