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Quote1.png And... I suppose I'm also looking for anything to keep my mind off Mac. It's like he's my dream come true and my worst nightmare all rolled into one--- He's healthy, youthful, and handsome, but he also has no real memories of our life together. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Bury Your Dead!"

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  • Department H "alpha jet". The aircraft used by Alpha Flight.
  • Hammer. Vehicle owned by Department H and taken for a joy ride by the Alpha Flight rookies.

Synopsis for "Bury Your Dead!"

The story opens with a street scene in Orloo, involving pedestrians and automobiles. Suddenly there is a great gust of wind. The pedestrians loose their hats and their hair gets messy. The wind soon grows stronger and blows away both the pedestrians and the cars. The abandoned site of the Cosmic Collector Project is seen and seems to be similarly affected, with its remains blown by the wind.

The scene shifts to the headquarters of Department H. Puck is awake in his bed. He is drinking beer and reading a lingerie magazine, commenting on how much he enjoys it. His reading is interrupted by someone knocking at the door and slipping a note under it. Puck opens the door and finds an empty corridor outside it. He is curious at who was at the door and where did they go. He decides to read the note. It is a classified report on the death of a Hull House "legacy" codenamed Cleric.

Several words of the report have been blanked out with a marker, but what remains seems to be alarming. Cleric's death has been recorded in provincial records as caused by self-inflicted strangulation. An autopsy revealed high quantities of a chemical compound in his/her blood and severe paralysis in part of the central nervous system. The analysis of Cleric's personal journal revealed numerous infractions of project-security parameters, including treatments. The journal was incinerated following its analysis. The investigation of Cleric's death will continue per protocol. The report ends and is followed by a note for "Judd". The unknown person sending him the report though that Eugene Judd might be interested in the case. The sender identifies himself/herself as "a friendly insider".

The story skips ahead in time, to Puck in uniform observing Heather McNeil Hudson testing the abilities of her Vindicator suit in a training exercise. In this exercise, several spherical devices are flying around her and she has to take them down with her plasma blasts. Heather is puzzled at where do her blasts come from. Chief Engineer Su has explained that her geothermal suit is siphoning them from tectonic reservoirs, but she doubts the soundness of the explanation. A frustrated Su, who is monitoring the exercise, offers to explain the physics of the battle suit to her. But only after the exercise. He instructs her to concentrate on her targets.

Su is mildly surprised to notice Puck, pointing that Eugene is not scheduled to participate in any tests this morning. Puck does not intend to participate and simply asks to speak to Heather. She flies down to speak to her teammate. Su offers to prepare the next tests while they speak. Heather refuses to participate in further tests or to use any new powers of the suit until she gets a better understanding of how they work. Su points that controlling the suit and its abilities will require time for acclimation. He starts calculating the results of the exercise and asks Heather to stop by his laboratory at some point to get them.

Puck asks why Heather is incessantly training, pointing that she has been training non-stop for days. Heather explains that she still does not understand or trust her new Vindicator suit. She is trying to find out about its weaknesses in a safe environment, rather than in the field where these weaknesses might cost Heather her life. She is also trying to keep her mind off her husband Guardian. Mac is now healthy, youthful, and handsome, but has no real memories of their life as a couple. The situation is troubling her, but she can not bear to leave the team. Especially considering the current situation of Sasquatch.

Heather brings the conversation back to Mac and asks Puck if he has any idea what is like to love someone who is not even aware of you. Puck affirms he is quite familiar with the subject but does not elaborate on his personal experience. He starts trying to explain to Heather about his receiving of a weird note, but they get interrupted by a message from Guardian. He is calling all Alphas to an emergency meeting in the briefing room. Heather points that they will have to postpone their conversation.

The scene shifts to the vicinity of Washington, D.C.. A man in a business suit and glasses is reading a newspaper while walking in the street. The item on the front page of the newspaper is the return of Alpha Flight. The man fails to notice Wild Child who skateboards down a railing and calls for him to watch out. The two men collide forcefully. Kyle seems angry and threatens the man. But his attention soon is called to the news item about Alpha Flight, his past team. He feels his past calling.

The scene shifts to the Northwest Territories, where Shaman walks through an ice storm. He feels the urge to use his powers to temper the tempest but keeps his impulses under control. Shaman reaches the wooden building he was heading for and asks the store owner, Mr. Turndon, if he has any mail for him. Turndon seems familiar with the "Doc", as he calls him. He has no mail but offers Shaman the latest newspaper and informs him that Alpha Flight is back. He asks whether Shaman intends to join them and return to being a hero.

Shaman insists that he will never return to Alpha Flight, as he is currently devoted to helping the local tribe in Bear Lake and that is enough heroism for him. He also reasons that since the Flight never contacted him, they must not want him to return. But the people of the tribe have long been in need of a good shaman like him.

The scene shifts to the meeting of General Jeremy Clarke and Alpha Flight. In attendance are Flex, Guardian, Manbot, Murmur, Puck, Radius, and Vindicator. Clarke informs them about an unusual crisis in Orloo. Vindicator, Puck, Murmur, Flex, and Radius all confirm that they have past ties to this town. Indeed Radius mentions that the three younger Alphans used to live in the "prison" they call Hull House. Clarke ignores their recollections of Orloo and calls their attention to the town's present situation. High winds have led to immense destruction in Orloo. The Department has certain interests in the town and an Alpha strike squad will be sent to investigate.

Vindicator refuses to serve along the novices in another combat situation. She does not think they are ready for an actual mission. Guardian reveals that the Department has already expressed similar concern about the novices. They have decided to send only the veterans and Manbot, who will be there to control Sasquatch. The rest of the rookies will remain behind and receive additional training. Radius resents the decision and refuses to train. He would rather return to his bed. Manbot reminds Radius that he can not disobey orders. Radius answers that he can since he still has his free will. Radius ominously comments that he will continue to have free will until someone in the Department figures out a way to suck it out of him.

An hour later a Department H "alpha jet" arrives in Orloo and finds the town streets are now "deathly calm". The aircraft transports Guardian, Manbot, Puck, Sasquatch, and Vindicator. Puck reminisces about his past in Orloo. He used to keep a low profile when he lived in Orloo, working at the orphanage and hiding out from everyone that was looking for him. He reminds Mac that they first met in Orloo. Guardian is confused, as he does not remember either meeting Puck or ever visiting Orloo. (He apparently has no memory of his wedding which took place in Orloo). Puck points that perhaps the Department left out that chapter of Mac's life when they rebuilt his memory. Mac just shoots Judd a cross look and there is an awkward silence. Then Guardian answers that he is still the same man he has always been, just younger.

Strong winds suddenly affect the aircraft, which shakes on the air. Someone screams in pain. Guardian goes to check on their pilot, Larry. He finds Larry hurt and unconscious. Nobody is piloting the aircraft, who is on a collision course with a local church. Guardian wrests control of the aircraft, though his only experience as a pilot is in a simulator. The winds are still strong and Guardian attempts an emergency landing in a field.

The scene shifts to the Department Headquarters. Flex is knocking on Radius' door while being monitored by members of the Monitor Division. The man on the monitor comments that the kid is about to interrupt his brother and finds this particularly interesting. He even calls on a co-worker to join him in watching. Jared opens the door and asks what the "squirt" wants. He is notably naked from the waist up, though Adrian does not comment on it. Adrian reports that the staff in the Combat Room said that Jared is supposed to help him with his training. He needs help because he keeps getting hit in the head by the target devices. Jared claims to be busy with something else, and Adrian asks what is it. Suddenly a fully-dressed Murmur exits from Jared's room, having decided to leave and let him his brother. Jared seems disappointed by her departure, while Adrian is confused by her presence in his half-brother's room.

The story skips ahead in time. A fully-dressed Radius is walking in the corridor and being followed by Flex. Jared is angry at his younger brother and vows to make the "pest" pay for ruining it for him. Adrian is curious at what Jared doing with Arlette. Jared claims that Arlette was simply giving him a back rub. He then frustratingly points that he can not do something more with her because he can never turn off his force field. Jared is now even angrier because Adrian brought up his inability to touch others and grabs his brother by the throat. Adrian points that he was not the one that brought this up. They are standing just outside of the "Helios Project" facility and there is a scream coming from within. Jared decides to investigate what is going on with this Project.

Radius uses his force-field in a new way, claiming that he has been working on this for a while. Taking a strand of his long hair, Adrian places it in the tiny gap between the two sides of the door. His forcefield extends to protect the hair and managed to slightly open the door. The brothers take a look inside. Inside the facility, Sunfire is enraged and asks why is he kept caged like an animal. The scientist there claim they are simply following the orders Dr. Horatio Huxley. Huxley has reportedly determined that Shiro is suffering from radiation poisoning and ordered his staff to place him under quarantine. The scientists also claim that they have been ordered to wear protective suits while in contact with him, for their own safety. They claim that they can not do anything to change these orders. An enraged Sunfire transforms into a fiery form and starts intimidating them. They try to escape his flames by taking cover. Radius does not know who Sunfire is, but comments that he would like to hang out with him.

The scene shifts to Orloo. The aircraft transporting Alpha Flight has landed though it seems damaged. Guardian creates a hole to exit the aircraft and leaves in a hurry. Puck finds that Mac is overreacting since they could use their functional emergency hatch to exit without further damaging their aircraft. Guardian soon confirms that he did not know about the hatch's existence. Heather notices that Puck is bleeding, though he claims his wound is only a minor scape and he will soon be healed. Puck thinks they should get the injured pilot to a medic. Guardian decides to task Vindicator and Manbot with finding a medic. Manbot protests that he must not part with the rest of the team, though Guardian stresses that Manbot must follow his orders. While they argue, Vindicator decides to take Sasquatch with her instead of Manbot. She instructs them to investigate the site.

Puck leaves the aircraft on his own to investigate Hull House. He finds the building quickly. He has not been there in years but finds that nothing has changed in the building. He wonders what happened to the boys he used to watch and if they were ever placed with families. He tries to remember their names and fails. Puck knocks on the door and meets headmistress Beatrice de la Salle. They do not seem to recognize each other and introduce themselves. Puck explains that he used to work in Hull House, and Beatrice acts as if he is asking for a job. He denies being interested in a job and is at a loss for words. He finally tells Beatrice to keep the kids inside until Puck himself returns to notify her. Beatrice explains that she has already instructed them to stay inside, since she heard news reports of an emergency in Orloo. She ends their conversation. Inside Hull House, she is congratulated by Coordinator Proctor on keeping the conversation quick, psychological, and effective. Beatrice answers that she takes pride in her work.

The scene shifts to Vindicator and Sasquatch delivering the injured pilot to the local hospital. Sasquatch growls and scares a female doctor. Heather explains that Sasquatch is momentarily harmless, though they should not touch him. A male doctor recognizes Heather as Guardian of Alpha Flight, though she replies that they now call her Vindicator. Heather explains to the doctors that the pilot was struck by a rock and took some windshield glass. He required medical help. For the necessary paperwork, she gives them the contact information of Department H. She explains that her team will investigate the source of the weird weather and then return for the pilot. Heather turns around and notices the church building where she was married to Mac. She reminisces for a bit, but her mood is broken by a growling Sasquatch who heads out on his own.

The scene shifts to Guardian and Manbot, who are exploring the site of the Cosmic Collector Project. Manbot explains that according to the Department records, the Collector was an early attempt to harvest and process Cosmic Rays. Guardian discovers a hand buried in the ground, and fears it might be leprous or radioactive. He is even more alarmed to see the hand moving, meaning the owner is not dead. The owner is Chinook, who soon emerges from the ground in a whirlwind. The giant comments that he is alive and free after years of imprisonment.

The scene shifts to the roof of the Department headquarters, where Radius has gathered Flex and Murmur. He wants their help in breaking out the "Asian guy" (Sunfire) from the Helios Project. Murmur seems concerned that they do not really know Shiro and the man could be dangerous. Jared points that they are all dangerous and believes that Shiro is just another guy being Jerked around by the Department. He feels they can all relate to that. He brought them to this area of the building in the belief that they are out of the Monitors' area of control. Unknown to them, someone is observing them through a hidden camera.

Adrian is curious for Jared's reasons in breaking out Shiro. Jared offers three reasons: because he wants to do it, because he is bored, and because it would be fun. Arlette asks him if this is the kind of fun he used to have back at Hull House. Jared reminds them that "Hell House" was nightmare for all of them. He used to try to liven things up little and once in a while, things got out of control and a few people got hurt. So what? Adrian asks what are they going to once the break out Shiro. Jared answers that they are going to go on a joy ride. He has recently befriended a man from the motorpool of the Department and find out where they keep the keys to the Department's new Hummers (off-road vehicles). He plans for them to take a Hammer for a ride and head to Montreal. Adrian is reluctant, but Arlette is sold on the idea. She smiles and tries to convince them to go ahead with the plan right away.

The story skips ahead in time, when the three rookies arrive at the Helios Project labs. Arlette warns Jared that they are going to get in trouble for this. Jared is confident that they are only going to get a slap on the hand by General Clarke, because they are necessary members of Alpha Flight. He also figures this will be a message to their superiors, than they can not expect the rookies to sit down and do nothing while the veterans get to play. Radius uses his forcefield to open the door to the laboratory and finds Shiro calmly reading a newspaper. Sunfire has no idea who they are and does not really believe that they are here to rescue him. Radius offers him a few hours of freedom from the lab and explains that they will then return him. Murmur offers to "convince" Shiro to come along with them, implying that she will use her powers on him.

The four of them soon arrive in the Motorpool section of the building, with Murmur in control of Sunfire. They are unaware that they are still being watched by the staff of the Monitor Division. One of the Monitors asks his co-worker whether they should let them go. The co-worker, Avery, suggests allowing them to leave and just truck the vehicle they take. They will know where the rookies are and it would make for a good "psych profile" of them. Avery also points that you can not choke a dog, if you do not feed him some leash now and then.

The scene shifts to Orloo, where Guardian and Manbot are facing strong winds caused by Chinook. They have lost track of Chinook, who suddenly re-appears to attack Guardian. Chinook proclaims that he is the wind. Guardian asks for back-up and Manbot is ready to assist him. Manbot reveals a whole arsenal of weapons hidden in his armor. Manbot's attack seems ineffectual but Vindicator arrives and attacks Chinook as well. She recognizes Chinook as the creature who made her husband almost miss their wedding permanently years ago and fully intends to stop him. Chinook starts thinking that their voices sound familiar to him, and comments that he can still hear these voices in his head. He repeats sentences that Heather and Mac said during their previous encounter. While Chinook speaks, Sasquatch arrives and attacks him. Chinook easily escapes Sasquatch's grasp and flies above, while his attacker falls on the ground.

Chinook starts proclaiming his intentions. He refuses to be contained ever again and intends to take vengeance against those who changed him. He attacks Sasquatch first and intends to kill him. Guardian uses energy from his armor to attack Chinook, but it seems to have no effect. Chinook turns his attention to Guardian and recognizes him, proclaiming that his armor has changed but his voice is one that he will always remember. It is the voice of the man responsible for what Chinook became. Chinook explains his story. He was once Canada's greatest and only champion. He fought for his country through the great wars and retired a hero. He came to call Orloo his home and chose to return to action to aid the town. Guardian's meddling led to his monstrous transformation, and Guardian did not even try to help him. Instead, Guardian pushed him into the dark and hungry void. Chinook was sealed in a dimensional rift. He spends a decade drifting and dreaming of killing the Guardian. Guardian reveals that he has no memory of Chinook, but he intends to stop him from destroying Orloo and Canada.

Puck arrives and kicks Chinook, explaining that he just remembered who Chinook is. Vindicator then bathes Chinook in molten plasma. Chinook survives but is even more enraged. He threatens that the winds of the north will be their death. Puck forcefully throws himself to Chinook's legs and makes the giant loose his balance. Puck calls for Sasquatch to attack and do something mean. The growling Sasquatch grabs Chinook and lifts him in the air. Chinook proclaims that he will still have his revenge. He also states his belief that the evil device which changed him (the Cosmic Collector) was created by men who would destroy the world itself. He intends to kill these men and all who follow them.

With a fit of savage strength, Sasquatch tears Chinook in half and kills the giant. A mighty blast of wind is unleashed as Chinook dies, scattering the Alpha Flight members. When they recover, they find that the ground has been marked by a giant crop-circle symbol. Puck wants to investigate the area, believing that since Department H is involved this was no accident. Manbot informs them that they are summoned back to the headquarters because the novices have been reported missing. Vindicator remarks that the Orloo mystery will have to wait. A frustrated Puck points that this is only an addition to their collection of unsolved mysteries.

The scene moves to the Hammer used by the rookies and Sunfire. Radius is enjoying his escape from Department H, and Murmur finds the situation romantic. Sunfire has regained his senses and is acting grouchy, pointing that the rookies have kidnapped him. He is not, however, trying to escape. The rookies eventually stop the vehicle outside a random diner, as Adrian has to use the bathroom. The four escapees enter the diner, and a man reading a newspaper article about Alpha Flight recognizes them as members (after seeing their photos). The man finds himself fortunate to meet them and wonders about the odds. The man rises to welcome them and he is revealed to be Mesmero. He plans to take control of them and use them in a plan to take over the world. The story ends.


  • The story mentions the death of Cleric and gives some details about it, but the character himself/herself is not actually depicted on panel. The subject is used to alarm Puck about the conditions of Hull House, but he does not get to find out anything more while visiting the building.
  • The story once again features the Combat Central, the room where Alpha Flight members train and test their abilities. It is apparently the local equivalent of the Danger Room.
  • Vindicator asks Puck if he has any idea what is like to love someone who is not even aware of you. Puck affirms he is quite familiar with the subject, but does not elaborate on his personal experience. The implication is that the person who Puck loves, and is not really aware of him, is Vindicator herself. He has an unrequited love for her for quite some time, as covered in previous issues.
  • The memory of Puck has been tampered with by Department H, as explained in previous issues. This issue reveals that he has largely forgotten the events Alpha Flight Vol 2 -1. He remembers taking care of two boys and wonders what happened to them. He fails to recognize the boys, "Jared" and "Adrian", as his current teammates Radius and Flex. He meets Beatrice de la Salle and does not recognize her, though she used to be his co-worker or boss in Hull House. He also has trouble remembering who Chinook is, though he once fought against him.
  • While Beatrice de la Salle acts as if she does not know Puck, her comments to Coordinator Proctor imply that she was simply pretending to have never met him before. The purpose of this act is not explained.
  • A minor character recognizes Vindicator as Guardian of Alpha Flight. This is her previous codename, which she used in Alpha Flight Vol 1. In Alpha Flight Vol 2, she uses the codename Vindicator and the Guardian codename passes to the James Hudson clone.
  • In the final image depicting Alpha Flight in Orloo there is an error. There is a word balloon with the distinctive mechanical voice of Manbot, but the balloon is linked to Guardian. By the context of the scene, it is Manbot who is speaking.
  • This issue marks the return of Mesmero, who was considered dead at the time of publication. In his previous appearance in X-Men Vol 2 21 (June, 1993), Mesmero was apparently killed by the Dark Riders.
  • The Marvel Chronology Project, which tracks character appearances, has the following information on the characters of the issue:

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