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With an increasing student body, Cyclops and Emma Frost reorganized the Xavier Institute's educational and training programs into a squad system.[1] The Alpha Squadron was originally advised by Northstar,[2][3] and later advised by Karma.[4][5]

Academy X

When Wolverine was brainwashed by Hydra he attacked the X-Men and the Xavier Institute and Northstar was among the X-Men to respond. Unfortunately, he was killed by Wolverine. Due to this loss, the Squad was assigned Karma as a new adviser.[6]


  • Anole - Victor Borkowski has a reptilian mutation. Field Leader. Retained his powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Indra - Paras Gavaskar is a young boy from India able to extend exoskeletal armor plates over his body. Retained his powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Kidogo - Lazaro Kotikash is a Maasai who could shrink himself down to 4 inches in height. Depowered, and current whereabouts/status unknown.
  • Loa- Alani Ryan is a Hawaiian girl who can "swim" through solid matter, causing it to crumble around her as she does so. Retained her powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Network - Sarah Vale's power was cyberpathy. Depowered, and killed in bus bombing by the Purifiers.[7]
  • Rubber Maid - Andrea Margulies was able to stretch any portion of her body due to her ultra-elasticity. She was the youngest member of the Squad. Depowered, and killed in bus bombing by the Purifiers.[7]


After M-Day only 27 of 182 enrolled Xavier's students retained their powers. The Alpha Squadron was disbanded along with all the other X-Men Training Squads.[8]



Each teammates' arsenal


  • The squad was named after Alpha Flight to which the original adviser, Northstar, belonged.
  • This squad’s colors were black and light blue/grey with red accents.

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