Designed by Tony Stark especially for the four man special-ops Alpha Team during his tenure as SHIELD director, the Alpha Team armor is based on a scaled-back version of the Iron Man armor. It provides full flight capability thanks to boosters in the boots and hands, as well as significant protection against damage. Gomez of Alpha Team was able to survive a nuclear detonation at close range thanks to the protection his suit offered, though he was badly burned and remained unconscious for some time. The suits also provided sensor equipment, active camouflage sophisticated enough to render them completely invisible to the human eye, and later, repulsor weapons mounted in the palms - earlier versions relied on a repulsor-based rifle carried by hand. No strength enhancement was ever demonstrated, but Alpha Team members were able to hold their own in combat against several unarmored humans, and the suits are capable of moving under autonomous control, even should the pilot die inside (as shown when the Overkill Horn stopped the hearts of two pilots and then used their armor against another group of SHIELD agents).[1]


In order to hunt down the "fingernail nukes" placed throughout Rumekistan, Stark built and calibrated magnetometers which he then installed in each armor's forearm to direct them towards nearby nuclear material.


The STARs (Stark Tactical Assault Repulsor) which the Alpha Team were first seen using during their raid on the Sydney Opera House bore an extreme resemblance to the French FAMAS assault rifle

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