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Knight Templar acolyte Chloe Tran took the Cadre to an apartment room behind an abandoned facade and false walls in a seemingly dead tenement just south of the Manhattan riverfront's Alphabet City, her own privately-secured sanctuary, purchased via the Templar's "black account" set up shortly after her initiation and known only to her.[1]

After being attacked by Black Tom's mercenaries, Siryn pulled Deadpool into a hiding place in Alphabet City, but they were soon found by the Juggernaut and Interpol agent Daniel Peyer.[2]

A while later, Daredevil patrolled Alphabet City as it became a battleground for rival crime families.[3]

Spider-Man worked for Ben Urich's Front Line in Alphabet City.[4]

Alphabet City was the hideout of Electro before starting a partnership with Black Cat.[5]

After moving out of Bowery, Spider-Man moved into an apartment in Alphabet City.[6]

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