In the early 19th century, Alphonse Frankenstein was a rich Swiss man living in Geneva with two children, Victor Frankenstein and William Frankenstein, and a protégée, Justine Moritz.

Alphonse sent his oldest son, Victor, to study medicine at the University of Ingolstadt. Once there, Victor secretly created a monster and lost control over him. The monster went to Geneva and, moved by scorn toward Victor, killed Victor's brother. The monster also left evidence that falsely signaled Justine Moritz as the murderer. Discovering William's death, Alphonse Frankenstein believed the court when they sentenced Moritz to death by hanging. Alphonse had lost any respect or care towards his former disciple. Later, Alphonse met Victor, who had travelled to Geneva due to William's death. Victor discovered that his monster was the murderer, but he was unable to share or use this knowledge at that point.[1]

Later, Victor was accused of other crimes, but he was eventually released when the court could not prove his guilt. Victor returned to Geneva and met with Alphonse. Victor's wedding to Elizabeth Lavenza was impending, and Alphonse approved it following several tragedies his family had to face. However, Elizabeth was brutally murdered by the Monster during her wedding night. The shock of discovering this was too much for Alphonse, who succumbed to illness. Alphonse expired in his bed after three days, during which the newly-arrived Victor watched over him.[2]

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