Rex Mundi was the first Ultra, created tens of thousands of years ago by an alien ship from the Godwheel that crashed on Earth and modified an early man to be its emissary. Mundi broke free from the ship's control and became his own man, mastering the nanotech powers it gave him.[1]

Over time, Mundi desired companionship, and used the nanotech in his system to replicate a female counterpart for himself, whom he named Regina. Regina and Rex monitored the development of humankind and civilization together for unknown years, until the rise of Ultras. The Entity on the Moon (black box to the ship that empowered Rex) was beaming energy down to the planet's surface, creating other Ultras. Rex wanted to eliminate these Ultras before they posed a threat to his world and his secret empire, but Regina thought the Ultras would be useful as pawns in their work. The two reached an impasse, and Regina left Rex to pursue her own goals.[1]

As the two worked at cross-purposes, Regina began calling herself "the Alternate" to Rex and his plots.[2]


  • Nanotech Manipulation

  • A female counterpart to Rex Mundi. "Rex Mundi" means "king of the world", and one of the names the Alternate chooses for herself, "Regina" means "queen", something that, combined with the name "Alternate" essentially sets her up as the "alternate queen", or the alternate ruler of the world to Rex Mundi. Both characters are often seen behind-the-scenes, influencing events to further their own interests.

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