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The Alternative was a minor New York newspaper, publisher by Neil Crawford.

It was known for his Mutant Diaries, chronicles of mutants everyday-life collected by Sally Floyd.

Decimation : Ex-Mutant Diaries

In the wake of the M-Day, Sally started work around the depowered mutants, starting the Ex-Mutants Diaries, and both Sally and her interviewed were targeted by a mutant killer, the Ghoul who was eventually defeated and seemingly killed by the X-Men.[1]

Civil War

During the Superhuman Civil War around the Superhuman Registration Act, Sally Floyd interviewed the Anti-Registration Underground and was approached by different protagonists, leading the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Eric Marshall to arrest both Floyd and the publisher Neil Crawford.[2]

In the end of the Civil War, Sally quit the Alternative and associated with her colleague Ben Urich, himself quitting the Daily Bugle.[3]

Closure profiting to the Front Line

As the Front Line was declining quickly after his launch (Sally starting back to drink and Ben thinking about came back to the Daily Bugle), a mysterious benefactor, who was later revealed to be J.J. Jameson, bought the Alternative and his locals and offered it to Urich, along with a massive salary for him and Sally Floyd, presenting himself as someone who wanted to annoy Jameson and to made Urich make real journalism.

The Front Line then settle in the Alternative newsroom with an extended staff.[4]

It is unknown if the Alternative was already closed when it was bought out, if the Front Line was rebuilt on the status of the Alternative and if other Alternative staff joined the Front Line.

The newsroom was later used by the new Daily Bugle (truly the Front Line renamed), after the Daily Bugle (as this time the "DB!") was shut down and the Daily Bugle Building destroyed by Electro.

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