Altjira is the leader of the Aboriginal Gods, a superhumanly powerful race worshiped as gods by the Australian people from 8000 BC to the present.[1] He is the god of the Dreamtime.[1][2]

Altjira was presumably manifested by the Demiurge along with other deities in response to early man's subconscious need for gods. Unable to leave his home in the Dreamtime without losing his powers, Altjira sent the lesser gods down to the then-barren Australia. At Altjira's direction, Julunggul the Rainbow Serpent carved out rivers with her body, while Baiame sculpted out features to the land.[1]

In modern times, Altjira encountered Longshot, who had lapsed into the Dreamtime, and the two took part in a playful battle.[3]

Altjira was called to the Council of Godheads to discuss the threat posed by the Skrull gods. He delegated to Hercules's God Squad a great ship made of Julunggul's shed skin to travel through the Dreamtime.[4]


Altjira presumably possessed the standard abilities of the Australian gods, but at a much higher level. He also exhibited shape-shifting and the ability to contact others in their dreams.

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