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Count Alvise Gianus was a 16th[citation needed] or 17th-Century[1] Italian nobleman, skilled scientist and alchemist. Dedicating his life to alchemical glass making, he crossed the line of the dark arts using human blood to obtain more powerful artifacts. Once exposed as a gruesome killer, city authorities dispatched their assassins guild to get rid of him. Thrown in a pot full of molten alchemical glass, disfigured by the heat, Count Alvise rests for centuries in the San Michele Island cemetery in Venice, while his powers were growing, fed by the same unbreakable glass cage.

In modern days, Gianus has been freed from his captivity by the touch of Peter Parker. It turns out that the two are tied, being Count Gianus from the ancient "House of Spider". Strong and unstoppable, the deranged nobleman went on a rampage during the city carnival, vitrifying the bystanders.

After a first fight that saw Count Alvise victorious, Spider-Man attacked him in his laboratory and managed to trap him again in a glass cocoon, putting him back in the House of Spider's crypt.[2]



Low level telepathy, Superhuman Strength.



Count Gianus carries a staff whose handle - modeled in the shape of a spider - emits a vitrification ray. Also, the staff reacts to the wielder, discharging stunning energy of unknown nature if used against his owner.

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