Alyce was married to New York City doctor Jacob Grimm who reached his position in life after escaping the struggles living on Yancy Street an impoverished neighborhood on Manhattan's Lower East Side. When Jacob's brother Daniel and his wife Elsie suddenly died, both Jacob and Alyce took in their surviving son Ben. By this time in his life, Ben had become the leader of the Yancy Street Gang. Being brought up town and suddenly being provided for was something that Ben resisted and he regularly fought with his uncle and his wife. The couple were steadfast and helped Ben get through the pain of losing his family. Ben eventually grew to love and respect his new family.[2]

Thanks to the guidance provided by Jacob and Alyce Ben eventually became a football star in college, [3] a soldier [4] and test pilot for both the United States Air Force [5] and NASA [6]. Tragedy struck not long after this when both Alyce and Jacob got involved in a car accident. Alyce was killed in the crash and Jacob was crippled by his injuries.[7]

Alyce is survived by Jacob who eventually got remarried to Petunia Grimm. [7] She is also survived by her nephew Ben, who later went on the ill fated test flight of Reed Richards new Star-Drive. The resulting bombardment and crash of the ship mutated the passengers and they became the Fantastic Four first heroes of the modern age.[8]

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