Alynn Chambers (Earth-616) Thing Vol 1 2

At Empire State University. [1]

Was the steady girlfriend of Ben Grimm during his years attending Empire State University. Alynn would watch Ben as he played football for the school team, sometimes alongside Ben's best friend, Reed Richards. The two quickly fell in love, but Alynn -- an aspiring actress -- broke off their relationship without explaining things to Ben and abruptly disappeared. Ben spent weeks tracking her down and when he finally found her took her to the place where he once carved their names on a tree. There he attempted to propose to Alynn. However Alynn rejected him again, explaining that her career as an actress would be too demanding and she would neglect their relationship. With that she disappeared out of Ben's life. Eventually Alynn Chambers became a very successful actress. [1]

In the convening years, Ben became a test pilot and later flew Reed's experimental spaceshuttle carrying a Star-Drive. When the ship and it's crew were bombarded with cosmic rays and endowed with super-human powers they became the Fantastic Four, the first heroes of the modern age. Ben became the monsterous Thing and struggled for years trying to come to terms with the form he now wore. [2]

One day about six years after the birth of the Fantastic Four, Alynn suffered a stroke. She kept this secret from the public and went through physiotherapy to treat her condition. Even after all the hard work to restore her mobility, Alynn still required a cane to walk. In addition half of her face remained paralyzed which also affected the quality of her voice. Seeking advice on how to cope with this, Alynn sought out her old boyfriend sending a letter asking to see the Thing. After much soul searching Ben agreed to meet her. [1] Alynn's subsequent activities are unknown.


After suffering a stroke, Alynn has slight mobility issues on the right side of her body and trouble speaking.

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