A citizen of thw Warzone domain on the Battleworld, Amadeus Cho was a student at Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths. He and Skaar had the misfortune to end up in the middle of a fight between the Night Witches and Frostbite, causing him and Cho to end up in detention on the day before the final exams. In order to avoid expulsion, he and Cho joined forces with the Night Witches, Frostbite, and Cloak and Dagger to form Team Puce so that they could take the exams.[1] However, during the exam, Pixie was killed, and the team discovered that their faceless opponents were, in fact, other students at the Institute. Horrified by this discovery, they all fled the school out of fear of retaliation.[2]

The fugitive team wandered through the Battleworld, hoping to find someone who could help them, but were tracked down by Bucky, and his team, who captured them and dragged them back to the Institute.[3]


Amadeus has above-average intellect.

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